Bug tracking information system

Preliminary note: I am not sure this suggestion fits in "Survey development". It concerns the general development of QuestionPro. If not, please do create a special topics on this subject: "QuestionPro's development". But please don't delete it, for it could be important to you to know if others customers feel it as I do.


On this post, I suggest to open a bugtracking to customers (at less to enterprise or corporate), allowing to know actual dysfunctions, to propose/declare new ones and to follow their solving.


QuestionPro is a great service, but as every service which grows very quickly and becomes very powerful and complex, there are inevitable dysfunctions. From my own experience, I find very difficult to make support accept the idea of a bug/dysfunction. And when it's obvious that there is a problem, one get always the same laoonic answer: "I will have our developers look into this". And the problem falls in a "black hole".

After months of persistence I convinced support to admit one (wrong codage of headers in e-mail) and to fix it. But I discovered several obvious others about which I have got no positive acceptance, and consistently no news. As you are in a process of making customers participating to Questionpro's development (which suggests opening or IdeaFactory, great idea!), it would be great too to open a bug tracking service to your customers.



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