Reporting Tools

Comparison reports, created by using filters

Am working with a survey.


Have used two filters and produced a data set based on an online comparison (which is a most useful feature) which I can print out on paper and show the comparisons.


If I export it to Excel, the Excel file shows data for only 1 of the 2 filters.


If I export it to PDF, it merely repeats the first question 40 more times and does not add the answers to any of the other 40 questions.


How can I get the comparison file as an electronic file so it looks and shows just what was on the screen, or as it prints out on the paper?


The comparisons by filter is a very useful tool (new to me) and really like it but it does need this extra functionality to be useful to clients.


We no longer send paper printouts (so C20th now!) but want to be able to evidence summary comments with the data.


Appreciate everyone is busy, but if this could be undertaken soon, it would be most helpful!


Can send an example of a PDF report if that would help understand what is happening.

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