Survey Development

Feature to view the full survey as entered in other languages

I've been setting up a survey with two other languages besides English. Started with the survey in English, attached question text and answer text in other language versions as needed. Great concept in general. However, it is already a complicated enough process working in a language that you are not familiar. So perhaps like me the process goes something like: Translator does their bit, pass you the translation, you then have to upload each component (question and corresponding answer choices) bit by bit...carefully. But there is ample scope for error.


So just how can you check it (Doubly important in a language that's unfamiliar to you. Even simple errors will be overlooked).


In the main edit mode there is the ability to view the whole survey, but not in teh language versions. My suggestion is to add a simple 'one'click' print to screen (or wherever) version of the whole survey in any other language version(s). Even better if there is ALSO the ability to have the whole survey with the main language - with all questions in order - in one column and the second language sitting beside them correspondingly. Seems so obvious when you need it !


Idea No. 413