HTML Ending up in Reports. Important!

Coming back to this issue.


We just finished a survey and were unable to use the automated report for the following reason:

We had inserted html into questions and answers to make them align correctly and meet text branding.

All those spans and divs ended up in the reports and we were unable to remove them without editing the questions.

As a programmer I recommend you review the following on a possible solution to this problem.


I have one request:

Strip HTML tags from questions before outputting it to any report.

In order to appeal to a client, I had to insert alignment tags on responses as well as specially formatted text within the question, however, this TOTALLY messes up the automated reports and Exported Documents, causing messy headers as well as broken graphs (that won't even display right).

Easy ways to do this is are:

1) Allow the User, within editing a question itself, to specify a Report output and Export output text for each:

a) Instruction Text

b) Question Text

c) Response Text

d) Value Text

PRO: This Would Also allow the user to specify shorter 'display text' for reports, as well as cleaner text for exports. It would also allow the user to be more fancy with the headers of matrixes and datapoints.

CON: Could be cumbersome for larger surveys with a large amount of custom formatting.

2) Automatically Strip Anything between arrow brackets from reports and exports, by searching for a matching pair of brackets in a question then stripping them and anything inside of them.

PRO: Instantaneous. Would remove all html tags and comments.

CON: Automatic stuff can cause widespread errors if done incorrectly. Perhaps have a toggleable option for it.


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