Survey Development

Limitations about Flex Matrix Questions, Back Button Otion

1. Should be able to make Advance Matrixes – Flex Matrixes questions and all the other type of questions mandatory. Again this option should be available to make only the question mandatory (like you have currently under multiple choice questions – even one tix box enough to validate) and an option to make selected rows &/or columns mandatory.


2. Users should be able to change the question codes especially in Flex Matrix questions. Also Flex Matrix questions should have the required/mandatory button enabled as mentioned in the first comment.


3. Add row attribute options (similar to column options) to Advance Matrix= Flex Matrix – Questions.


4. In advanced Flex Matrixes, Colum attributes and the row attributes as per the above suggestion should have text box options and other options as well.


5. For all the question types a check box should be added with “Other” or “Other (Please specify)” with a text box similar to the one you currently have under the Multiple choice questions.


6. Back button should be available to activate even the survey has complex logic or branching as if a participants make a mistake they should be able to go back and correct it regardless of the branching of the survey.


7. When a user wants to print an individual respondent response report by clicking the respondent ID, the question numbers should appear for the text questions too.



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