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More Embedding Flexibility - with Filters Please!

I use QuestionPro for a marketing promotion whereby users 'vote' for their favorite high school football team and at the end of the season the team with the most votes wins a prize. It has two purposes: one is to collect voter information and the other is to drive traffic to our website. Thus we are using embedding instead of the standalone survey.


The survey is embedded on one page of my website ( When the survey is completed it redirects to a different page on my website (a thank you page - On the thank you page I have embedded the report so as to show the current voting stats.


When using the share button from the top right of the first question in the report in the QuestionPro control panel, I can find the embed code to add the report to my Thank You page.


The first problem is that the embedded report shows a complete report (including unfinished responses). I need only the Data Filtered > Completed responses to show. Since the QP interface did not give any options to customize this I had to figure out how to do it with the URL. When I appended the iframe URL with &globalResultMode=2 it worked as I needed it to, only showing the completed results.


The other problem is that the report is way wider than the iframe and there is no way to control its width. More specifically, the embed code provided allows me to change the front-end width of the iframe on my webpage (standard is 100%). The problem is that the report behind the iframe is too wide to be seen. For example, I set the iframe to 900 pixels wide; the report appears to be 1200 pixels wide, and the 300px gets chopped off.


This is even worse on mobile where screen resolution can be as low as 300px wide.


Ideally, the QP interface would let me set the width, or would have presets that fit popular mobile devices as well.


Also, there could be options to disinclude columns of the report. In my case I really don't need a bar graph showing which school has the most votes. I really just need 'Answer', 'Count', and 'Percent'. That could save some critical width.


I had similar width problems - but also height problems - when embedding the survey on the voting page. I had to do a lot of CSS customizations to collapse the height of headers and titles that I did not use. It would be nice to be able to check-box these on and off.

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