Question Pro not friendly to HTML illiterate

A What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get editor / Rich Text Editor for survey design, (an editor that you see the text formatted without seeing the code that formats it, and can edit and delete it in this mode). When I asked on the sales call about this, I got a yes that you had one. Unfortunately...you don't, which WILL make my boss angry once she finds out, given that we already payed the corporate annual fee. Being able to paste directly from Word into the survey is a big thing for my boss.


In short, an option to switch between HTML and Rich editors while programming the survey would be great, as some of the employees in my company know nothing about HTML, and being able to paste text that they formatted in another document directly into another question is essential to them.


Some Rich Text Editors you can look at to see if they are feasible to implement into question pro are:






EDIT inserted from Email sent to IT.


1) Rich text question/instruction text editor. Some market researchers know little or nothing about HTML. Having a RichText editor that would allow the user to preview the question formatting as they type it. This would make your product more friendly to the HTML illiterate.

It would also allow someone to paste in formatted text from a word processor, making your product highly efficient, a much desired trait for rush jobs.

Some open source and free rich text systems are available out there. If you locate the IdeaScale question, you will see a list of some I found.

Previous product which had This Feature: Vovici, Jotform, Constant Contact


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