Reporting Tools

Want QuestionPro to have an analytical model that we do not support today? Have ideas on how we can improve upon our analytics and reporting tools.

Reporting Tools

Muti-select percentages

Right now when I export the data I get frequencies and percentages. But the percentages are percentage of /responses/ instead of percentage of /respondents/. I don't see how this is useful. On multi-select questions totals can add up to more than 100%. If 25% of respondents selected an option I want to know that. I don't care if it's 3% of the total mentions. A response should not seem to be less popular simply because... more »


Reporting Tools

Grouping/Segmentation filters

Because you have a limit of 10 groups when using the grouping/segmentation filtering function, we're forced to delete filters if we surpass this benchmark. It would be more efficient if we could keep all filters that we create and just activate/inactivate them as we broach/surpass the 10 group limit.


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Reporting Tools

Allow user to select what info is sent in an Action Alert email

There are two options that can be chosen as to what info gets sent out in an Action Alert email: 1) Include survey response with notification 2) Include Custom Variables/System Variable Details When option 1 is UNchecked, nothing is included in the email. When option 1 is CHecked, the following is included, in addition to the questions and responses: Response Details ID Timestamp IP Address Time Taken... more »


Reporting Tools

SPSS data download

is there any way to download the survey data into spss automatically with the question numbers already in the spss data set set up as variables? I don't see why i should have to re-label each question as variables in spss when this should be able to happen automatically. I understand that spss has certain rules for variable names, but perhaps you could set up an option in questionpro which i can tick when i first start... more »