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Survey Development

Spreadsheet Branching

Spreadsheet questions do not allow branching of any kind. I understand that developing branching rules off answers that are totally random and unstructured is difficult and subject to a lot of problems. But what would be easier and useful would be to have at least a "No Branching" option for the spreadsheet question. I may filter out a person that I want to ask a special spreadsheet question to, and then I might want... more »

Survey Development

Copying a Survey-Maintain all branching and logic from original

I would like to be able to make an exact duplicate of an existing survey. I want the duplicate to maintain all logic and branching from the original. I recently tried this and ended up having to re-check all of the branching in the survey only to find that about 1/2 of the branching was maintained from the original and the rest I needed to re-do.

Survey Development

A Logic Count Feature

In QuestionPro we should have a "logic count" feature, similar to other programs. For example, in a multi-answer type question, if the respondent selects one answer that will mean count=1, and jump for a different branch had he selected 2 answers, or 3, and so on. This is useful sometimes for some marketing research - a person who goes to just 1 restaurant per week is different from the other that goes to more than 3... more »