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Survey Development

Customer-driven survey options

I need the ability to break large number of customer choices down and then added into a later question in the survey. For instance, I need to be able to take the the top 1-3 answers from multiple ranked questions and present those answers in a constant sum question. Ideally, I'd love to see the ability to establish a constant sum range to a set of questions and pull all responses within that range into a new constant... more »

Survey Development

Non restricted sum

It woud be great to have a sum not restricted, but rather computed
let's say you have a question about your social circle-
please think of your social circle, how many are in each group:
1- family and closest friends___
2 - friends ____
3 - coworkers____
4- acuaintances____
The sum can vary from person to person

Or another hypothetical question:
You have a 100 $ budget, which products will you buy:
venue for 12 people=50$... more »