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Survey Development

Allow Participant ID to be associated to contact (email) record

The idea behind this existing Participant ID security prompt is that as a person is about to start a survey their eligibility can be tested i.e. if ID known, then it's OK for them to proceed. But currently it seems to be the case that you can only upload an isolated list of Participant IDs by themselves. With no other associated data.

This is such a lost opportunity.... In practical terms this feature would allow a... more »
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Reporting Tools

Word and PP Reports for Data Segments include open end text ques

Currently if you download a Word or PowerPoint Report for a data segment that you created it only shows the info for multiple choice questions. It would be great if the would also show the responses to text questions like that it would not be necesary to copy them into the report later.

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Survey Development

Radical overhaul of "Contact data" upload and editing

I wanted to use a Participant ID with associated data so that I could see certain key data (already known) against each response record. However, Currently there is a strange set of restrictions on the way that externally produced data can be uploaded and used in QPRo. I have found restriction after unnecessary restriction. It seems that behind the scenes there is a "Manage Email Lists" feature (quite difficult to find)... more »
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Bug: Survey data is lost if survey edited while active

Currently if you edit a survey while it is active it's possible to lose responses that have been completed - this just happened to me on a survey.

This is a very serious bug that needs to be fixed as losing response data is unacceptable. Other survey platforms allow at least minor editing of questions while a survey is live without incident. I'm not talking about rearranging questions or anything like that, just editing... more »
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Reporting Tools

Export Data - Excel filter options

Add filter option for "over-quota" and add these filter options as descripters in a field in the data file. It would be helpful if each record in my data set was labeled as either: "complete", "started but not complete", "terminated via branching" or "over quota." I need to send a report to eRewards with this level of info for their records and so we can true up the cost of the sample.

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Survey Development

Ability to change slider Min and Max values

The "Slider" question type only allows for survey developers to set a min and max value between 1-100. This restricts the ability to use this question type for pricing and/or quantity analysis. The slider should allow for users to input any range. No matter the range, each unit of the scale should represent 1 additional value above the minimum. For development purposes, the slider question should then have an option for... more »
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Data Integrity Coding. Important

Allow ID coding multi answer/question questions, so that, if an answer choice/question is removed, the data is not shifted. As a programmer, I have analyzed this problem and given a possible solution that fits within the bounds of your application:
1) Put the following automatically in front of the question and answer lines, where # is an auto-incrementing number and the square brackets are replaced by arrow brackets... more »
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Reporting Tools

Better Subject Lines for Scheduled Exports

The "Name" field should be used in the subject line of scheduled exports instead of report type (e.g. "Real-Time Summary Report"). Since I have more than one of the same report type, it's impossible to differentiate between different ones.


In addition, it would be nice if the survey name the report was being generated from would be included in the body of the email.

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Reporting Tools

Real time analysis of filtered data by device

Currently, in the reporting, real time analysis you can filter the data by question responses and then add a filter of device type. But when you do, the device type available is Tablet/ smart phone.
Given the strong use of smart phones to answer surveys, we'd like to be able to analyse by individual type - e.g. smart phone separately from tablet. Could you please add this to the next lot of changes.
With best wishes,... more »