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Survey Development

Add question numbers to Word-exported surveys

When you expert a survey to Word, whether the default i QP has the question numbers visible or not, the question numbers are not exported.
The question numbers are exported in PDF files if the display has them as visible in QP.
Can we please have the question numbers exported with the text into Word, if the question numbers are set to show on the QP site and survey.
Thank you - will save a lot of time at the survey... more »
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Survey Development

Create a Testing/Development Mode

Create a survey mode where you can test the survey but the link is not yet active. I recently worked on a survey which was being administered by posters which included a QR code and text for the survey link. The posters were put up early by accident and respondents were able to access the survey while it was still in development. It would be great if there was a "test" or "development" mode where administrators could... more »
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Survey Development

Ability to change slider Min and Max values

The "Slider" question type only allows for survey developers to set a min and max value between 1-100. This restricts the ability to use this question type for pricing and/or quantity analysis. The slider should allow for users to input any range. No matter the range, each unit of the scale should represent 1 additional value above the minimum. For development purposes, the slider question should then have an option for... more »