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Survey Delivery

Re-direct replies kicked back to "from" email address that sends invites to another email address

You want an important "from" email address in your invite so it gets response. Often this person is an Executive. I'd like to re-direct replies that would go to the "from" email address to another email address we can designate (like a general email box shared by a group or to an Admin person that can help handle all the out-of-office and other emails).

Survey Delivery

Sort Order in Email List and Sending Emails to Respondents

I suggest that you add a sort order in your Manage Email List

At the moment, there is no logical order. It does not appear in an alphabetical order nor does it appear in relation to the date of the upload.

To further compound to the matter, the list is display in no logical sorting order in the drop down box that we utilize when we utilize the 'send email to respondents' feature and click on the drop down 'To' box.... more »

Survey Development

Radical overhaul of "Contact data" upload and editing

I wanted to use a Participant ID with associated data so that I could see certain key data (already known) against each response record. However, Currently there is a strange set of restrictions on the way that externally produced data can be uploaded and used in QPRo. I have found restriction after unnecessary restriction. It seems that behind the scenes there is a "Manage Email Lists" feature (quite difficult to find)... more »

Survey Delivery

Action Alert Configuration: Limit Data Sent

Action Alert Configuration


We have a question in our survey whether or not someone wants to be on a mailing list.

We like that we can include the survey response in the email, however we would like to be able to specify what survey data is sent to the email address.

The person in charge of the mailing list only needs to know information from two questions, and possibly some variables.

Survey Delivery

Email Question Branding: Multiple Footer Styles

Email/Survey Question Branding: Choose from multiple styles of QuestionPro footers.

When it comes from emails from question pro, I would like if we could be able to choose from different colors of footers.
The reason being is that we had to use a different email blast client with a previous client of ours, since their entire business was based off of the concept of 'green energy', and the blue footer detracted from the... more »