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Survey Development

Exportable Word template of the survey that is importable

I suggest that you include a 'export importable word document' feature. Something that would allow me to export something to edit in word, then reimport it back in.

You can format anything that cannot be converted as 'hidden text', allowing it to programatically exist for reimporting, and visible when clicking the 'show hidden characters' button.

Reporting Tools

Export Data - Excel filter options

Add filter option for "over-quota" and add these filter options as descripters in a field in the data file. It would be helpful if each record in my data set was labeled as either: "complete", "started but not complete", "terminated via branching" or "over quota." I need to send a report to eRewards with this level of info for their records and so we can true up the cost of the sample.

Reporting Tools

Show schedule 'Name' when emailing scheduled reports - not just

Currently all scheduled reports show only the survey name in the email, with no identification of which filters were applied or the schedule 'Name' that you are able to enter.


We would like to be able to run two scheduled reports with different filters, and be able to tell which report corresponds to which filter without having to manually sort through the attachments each time.

Reporting Tools

Library Question Numbers Included in CSV or XLS Files

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I have questions in my question library. Each question is numbered. These questions are then used to create surveys. I would like the question numbers from the library to be reflected in the survey results file.

I would like to have the numbers included because I am asking the same question in multiple surveys and I want to see the performance of that question throughout the surveys. Sometimes the question could be... more »


HTML Ending up in Reports. Important!

Coming back to this issue.

We just finished a survey and were unable to use the automated report for the following reason:
We had inserted html into questions and answers to make them align correctly and meet text branding.
All those spans and divs ended up in the reports and we were unable to remove them without editing the questions.
As a programmer I recommend you review the following on a possible solution to this... more »

Reporting Tools

Better Subject Lines for Scheduled Exports

The "Name" field should be used in the subject line of scheduled exports instead of report type (e.g. "Real-Time Summary Report"). Since I have more than one of the same report type, it's impossible to differentiate between different ones.


In addition, it would be nice if the survey name the report was being generated from would be included in the body of the email.

Survey Development

incorrect response for multi select type variables

one of the major problem with the response of multi select question type, in data if export excel format then the response which are shown to respondent are but not selected are blank. and suppose we implement masking (extraction) then it will be hard to differentiate in these condition from data. So if there is error in implementation such logic we can confirm by checking data. I believe in data this should be 1 for... more »