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Survey Development

Disable some options on SELECT ONE FROM MANY

As time goes by on active surveys, I'd like to disable some options buttons on certain questions (e.g. that item is no longer available, out of stock, etc) but don't want to remove it completely because it may be attached to logic, it may be nice to show to user it was available, etc.

I expect you can do this with custom scripting, but it would be really nice if there were a {DISABLE} type instruction to put on the option... more »
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Survey Delivery

Re-direct replies kicked back to "from" email address that sends invites to another email address

You want an important "from" email address in your invite so it gets response. Often this person is an Executive. I'd like to re-direct replies that would go to the "from" email address to another email address we can designate (like a general email box shared by a group or to an Admin person that can help handle all the out-of-office and other emails).

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Survey Development

Extracting single multiple select type question to multiple matrix questions.

Can we have a help file explaining this to people.. they just set up extraction logic multiple times on the same question ( the multiple select type question ) and that never works for instance..