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Survey Delivery

Sort Order in Email List and Sending Emails to Respondents

I suggest that you add a sort order in your Manage Email List

At the moment, there is no logical order. It does not appear in an alphabetical order nor does it appear in relation to the date of the upload.

To further compound to the matter, the list is display in no logical sorting order in the drop down box that we utilize when we utilize the 'send email to respondents' feature and click on the drop down 'To' box.... more »

Survey Development

Retaining an answer position in a randomised list

Can we have the capacity in lists to anchor at the bottom both the Some other (as now) but one other answer. This because sometimes None or Can't say are proper responses but at present, if in the list, are randomised when the answer places are randomised. There is common sense in keeping such answers at the foot of a list.