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Reporting Tools

Filter / Logic Based on Data / Reference Questions

Allow filtering and logic based on the answers to data/reference question types such as zip code or dynamic lookup questions. This would be very helpful in analyzing results based on geographic locations (state, county) and such. It would also be helpful in tailoring branched surveys based on the same criteria... different questions for different states/counties.

Survey Delivery

Forcing Survey to open in a fresh pop up window trending idea

We've been rolling out a new multi-lingual survey with lots of rules and logic contained within. Had a few problems with QPro which may, just may be associated with retained data within the Internet Browser.
My idea is to somehow force the standard survey link to open in a fresh pop-up window. I suspect that - as well as reducing the incidence of user attempts to use a 'back' button (which, by default, would not be... more »

Survey Development

Show hide logic - numbers of categories and page breaks

With the show/hide logic, can I suggest we allow more than 5 categories, if possible, please.
And ideally for answers in two questions (where we are using a long list divided into shorter lists for respondent ease).
Secondly, if you use the hide/show logic if... currently you can't have a page break.
There may be technical reasons for this but if the show/hide question refers to earlier questions, there seems to be... more »

Survey Development

Insert a new question from the setup logic popup

When I'm adding logic to my survey, it might be helpful to be able to insert a new question based on the logic I'm creating.

For example, on a customer satisfaction survey I might decide to add branching on a rating question based on any response other than Extremely Satisfied. Or even on that response I might want to take them to a new question that says "Wow! Glad we nailed it. Is there anything we can do to make... more »

Survey Development

A Logic Count Feature

In QuestionPro we should have a "logic count" feature, similar to other programs. For example, in a multi-answer type question, if the respondent selects one answer that will mean count=1, and jump for a different branch had he selected 2 answers, or 3, and so on. This is useful sometimes for some marketing research - a person who goes to just 1 restaurant per week is different from the other that goes to more than 3... more »