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Survey Delivery

Forcing Survey to open in a fresh pop up window trending idea

We've been rolling out a new multi-lingual survey with lots of rules and logic contained within. Had a few problems with QPro which may, just may be associated with retained data within the Internet Browser.
My idea is to somehow force the standard survey link to open in a fresh pop-up window. I suspect that - as well as reducing the incidence of user attempts to use a 'back' button (which, by default, would not be... more »

Survey Delivery

Feedback tab / Exit Survey options

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Please bring back the feedback tab and exit survey functionality under the web options. These features were the main reason I moved over to QuestionPro as a Corporate customer and now they no longer work! i.e. the ability to select feedback tab option, colour-code the feedack tab and select left/right hand side of the page for the tab; the ability to select exit survey option and select the delay before it appears etc.... more »


Bug: Pop-up invitation code trending idea

In the pop-up invitation code i have discovered to bugs/issues:


1. There is missing a simicolon after the expression: "config.showFooter = true". It will give problems in CMS systems which removes the line breaks


2. In the end of the pop-up invitation script there is two "spaces" after "Start Survey". In some CMS they will convert to the HTML code for space and the script will not launch.

Survey Delivery

Pop-up invitation delay trending idea

When implementing the pop-up invitation code on large websites most compaines are putting the tag on all pages.

When using delay the invitation will never show if the user within the delay time goes to another page on the website because the cookie is based on unique visit and set on the first page shown. The following pages will look for the cookie which are already set causing the invitation not to show.

Instead... more »