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filtered real-time reports by segment

It would be wonderful if I could have access to real-time reports that are filtered by the custom filters I create in the data segmentation section. This would allow me to send links to the real-time summary report and real-time open-ended text report, based on the segments I create - different links to the different reports for each segment. :)

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Option for Free From Comments included in Real-Time Summary

I love the new Real-Time Summary. One of the things we need to do on almost all surveys is break them down by a certain question, in our case different Facilitators. The Real-Time Summary makes this SO easy and very visual, however we miss out on an free form comments we are looking for. Because of this, we must export reports and manipulate in Excel. It would be AMAZING if Free From questions were included in the Real-Time... more »
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Page Breaks on Real-Time Summary

In the past, when Printing the "Real-Time Summary", a page break existed between each result. With the new formatting, this does not happen, and some results are cut-off or broken-out over two pages. When pdfing this report for others, the report does not look as user friendly as with page breaks. Can you please add the page breaks back?

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Update "Viewed" account to filter criteria

Currently the "Viewed" count appears to only be correct for the total data set for a survey. When a filter is selected, the "Viewed" count shows as zero.

Ideally the "Viewed" count would adjust based on the filter criteria. If a date range is selected for example, the "Viewed" count would show the number of views for that date range.

If this is not feasible or not applicable for a particular filter, then it would help... more »