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Reporting Tools

Survey completion analysed by devices used

The new infographic with its reporting of what devices have been used is very helpful. I'd like to be able to take it the one step further and be able to analyse the device use by whether the respondents completed the survey or dropped out.
This would be the first advance.
My second request would be to be able to analyse drop outs by question by device. This would allow us to see how far through the survey the respondents... more »


Bug: Survey data is lost if survey edited while active

Currently if you edit a survey while it is active it's possible to lose responses that have been completed - this just happened to me on a survey.

This is a very serious bug that needs to be fixed as losing response data is unacceptable. Other survey platforms allow at least minor editing of questions while a survey is live without incident. I'm not talking about rearranging questions or anything like that, just editing... more »

Reporting Tools

Strengthened word clouds

With word clouds, we have a static image that sows words but not context. Can I suggest we change this so we have the image, but also have the capacity to click on a word and then be taken to (an Excel downloadable) list of all the statements that include that word. It may speed up coding.
For example, if the words "survey", "long", "good", "bad", "too" were all in a word cloud, we wouldn't know if the respondents... more »