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IdeaScale Moderation/Authentication Settings

The following setting is not working properly:

High - Authenticated Users Only
Users MUST be logged into the site to view ideas, comments. New users must be approved by the moderator.

Even with this setting, new users can create accounts, view, post, and have full run of the site without initial approval from the Moderator.

Also, the "Top Contributors" section is shown on the site before logging in with a site under... more »
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Survey Development

Allow Participant ID to be associated to contact (email) record

The idea behind this existing Participant ID security prompt is that as a person is about to start a survey their eligibility can be tested i.e. if ID known, then it's OK for them to proceed. But currently it seems to be the case that you can only upload an isolated list of Participant IDs by themselves. With no other associated data.

This is such a lost opportunity.... In practical terms this feature would allow a... more »