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Survey Development

Ability to change slider Min and Max values

The "Slider" question type only allows for survey developers to set a min and max value between 1-100. This restricts the ability to use this question type for pricing and/or quantity analysis. The slider should allow for users to input any range. No matter the range, each unit of the scale should represent 1 additional value above the minimum. For development purposes, the slider question should then have an option for... more »
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Survey Development

Functionality to Word Doc Import

Please add more functionality to the word doc import, like importing an exclusive "None" option (as of now it still imports as a multi option) and a slider matrix. I have a very large survey I plan to import from a word doc to save time. Unfortunately, many of my questions are slider based matrixes. I would love to be able to set up the word doc with the slider questions indicated in some way to import as such because... more »