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Reporting Tools

Open ended repsonses

Can I suggest that we add a profiling function at the very least to open ended questions - many of my clients want to what was said by gender/age/geography at the very least - Open ended questions can be very powerful but they are not being maximized in their current form.

Ideally being able to cross with any question would be perfect but profiling the responses would be a great help and insight for clients.
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Question Pro not friendly to HTML illiterate

A What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get editor / Rich Text Editor for survey design, (an editor that you see the text formatted without seeing the code that formats it, and can edit and delete it in this mode). When I asked on the sales call about this, I got a yes that you had one. don't, which WILL make my boss angry once she finds out, given that we already payed the corporate annual fee. Being able to paste... more »


HTML Ending up in Reports. Important!

Coming back to this issue.

We just finished a survey and were unable to use the automated report for the following reason:
We had inserted html into questions and answers to make them align correctly and meet text branding.
All those spans and divs ended up in the reports and we were unable to remove them without editing the questions.
As a programmer I recommend you review the following on a possible solution to this... more »