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Survey Development

Exportable Word template of the survey that is importable

I suggest that you include a 'export importable word document' feature. Something that would allow me to export something to edit in word, then reimport it back in.

You can format anything that cannot be converted as 'hidden text', allowing it to programatically exist for reimporting, and visible when clicking the 'show hidden characters' button.

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Survey Development

Add question numbers to Word-exported surveys

When you expert a survey to Word, whether the default i QP has the question numbers visible or not, the question numbers are not exported.
The question numbers are exported in PDF files if the display has them as visible in QP.
Can we please have the question numbers exported with the text into Word, if the question numbers are set to show on the QP site and survey.
Thank you - will save a lot of time at the survey... more »
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Reporting Tools

Strengthened word clouds

With word clouds, we have a static image that sows words but not context. Can I suggest we change this so we have the image, but also have the capacity to click on a word and then be taken to (an Excel downloadable) list of all the statements that include that word. It may speed up coding.
For example, if the words "survey", "long", "good", "bad", "too" were all in a word cloud, we wouldn't know if the respondents... more »
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Survey Development

Functionality to Word Doc Import

Please add more functionality to the word doc import, like importing an exclusive "None" option (as of now it still imports as a multi option) and a slider matrix. I have a very large survey I plan to import from a word doc to save time. Unfortunately, many of my questions are slider based matrixes. I would love to be able to set up the word doc with the slider questions indicated in some way to import as such because... more »