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Open End Questions - Option for Excel Download of Open End Comments Only

It would be nice to have an option to download open end comments into an Excel file of their own. Sometimes it is necessary to put the verbatim comments into coded answers. SPSS is hard to analyze long answers because you can't wrap the text within the cell. Sometimes it is also nice to just view the open end comments without the rest of the data.

Reporting Tools

Strengthened word clouds

With word clouds, we have a static image that sows words but not context. Can I suggest we change this so we have the image, but also have the capacity to click on a word and then be taken to (an Excel downloadable) list of all the statements that include that word. It may speed up coding.
For example, if the words "survey", "long", "good", "bad", "too" were all in a word cloud, we wouldn't know if the respondents... more »