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Filter / Logic Based on Data / Reference Questions trending idea

Allow filtering and logic based on the answers to data/reference question types such as zip code or dynamic lookup questions. This would be very helpful in analyzing results based on geographic locations (state, county) and such. It would also be helpful in tailoring branched surveys based on the same criteria... different questions for different states/counties.

Reporting Tools

Importance - satisfaction question reporting

m trying to report on data from the Importance/Satisfaction questions -- and it's making me NUTS.

OK -- there just HAS to be a better way to do this -- I mean why would you design a question like the importance/satisfaction question (NICE) and then not have an easy way to export that data -- NOT NICE.

When I export the data -- I get something that looks like THIS --

Where you see the... more »

Reporting Tools

Cross tabs in the real time summary by question responses

In the Real Time Summary, we can filter by question response on the first filter, but cannot filter by question response in the second or later filters.
We can run cross tabs and get towards the answers, but often we just want to browse all answers by the two chosen question responses, and so doing so in the Real Time Summary screen would be very helpful.
Could you please allow this to happen, in the next updates!... more »