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filtered real-time reports by segment

It would be wonderful if I could have access to real-time reports that are filtered by the custom filters I create in the data segmentation section. This would allow me to send links to the real-time summary report and real-time open-ended text report, based on the segments I create - different links to the different reports for each segment. :)

Reporting Tools

Allow filtering of Time Taken to include completes only

Currently, according to QPro's tech support the time taken reported in the "Real-Time Summary" report includes both completes and incompletes regardless of whether a filter is applied. Allow the time in this report (and in other reports) to be filtered. I'm interested in knowing the time for completes only (as that directly impacts my costs, especially when using a sample vendor).

Reporting Tools

Export Data - Excel filter options

Add filter option for "over-quota" and add these filter options as descripters in a field in the data file. It would be helpful if each record in my data set was labeled as either: "complete", "started but not complete", "terminated via branching" or "over quota." I need to send a report to eRewards with this level of info for their records and so we can true up the cost of the sample.

Reporting Tools

Importance - satisfaction question reporting

m trying to report on data from the Importance/Satisfaction questions -- and it's making me NUTS.

OK -- there just HAS to be a better way to do this -- I mean why would you design a question like the importance/satisfaction question (NICE) and then not have an easy way to export that data -- NOT NICE.

When I export the data -- I get something that looks like THIS --

Where you see the... more »

Reporting Tools

More Embedding Flexibility - with Filters Please!

I use QuestionPro for a marketing promotion whereby users 'vote' for their favorite high school football team and at the end of the season the team with the most votes wins a prize. It has two purposes: one is to collect voter information and the other is to drive traffic to our website. Thus we are using embedding instead of the standalone survey.

The survey is embedded on one page of my website ( more »