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Survey Development

No Red Star Option

In many programs I have used, the red star associated with required questions is repeatedly criticized by pre-testers as an unattractive way to represent such questions. Personally, I think it is appropriate in some cases, such as collecting form information like addresses and zipcodes. But for more involved questionnaires others have told me that it is a distraction. It would be useful to have a global option where... more »


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Survey Development

Set validation on all questions at once with one click!

It would save me a lot of time if there were an option whereby I could require answers to all questions with a single click. Also, I would like to be able to remove validation on all questions with a single click. It's very time consuming to have to go through a long questionnaire adding or deleting this requirement.

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Survey Development

Extracting single multiple select type question to multiple matrix questions.

Can we have a help file explaining this to people.. they just set up extraction logic multiple times on the same question ( the multiple select type question ) and that never works for instance..