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Survey Development

Set validation on all questions at once with one click!

It would save me a lot of time if there were an option whereby I could require answers to all questions with a single click. Also, I would like to be able to remove validation on all questions with a single click. It's very time consuming to have to go through a long questionnaire adding or deleting this requirement.

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Survey Development

Validate field using Checksum formula

Add an ability to validate on Checksum. Like the Luhn Formula for credit cards. Here's how it would be used:
a) Assume my typical transaction ID has 8 digits
b) We tell customers to go to your web site and fill out a survey.
c) When we print receipts for customers we would add 2 more digits to checksum the 8 digit #. 10 digits total.
d) This would
c) Then, when the customer filled out the form, we would have... more »
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Survey Development

Only notify user about unanswered questions

It would be great if the questions could remain invalidated, but notify the user about being left unanswered, such as:
"You did not answer on question 2. If you are unsure of the answer please give it one more thought and try to answer even if you are not completely sure."

- if one simply missed the question, we do not lose that answer
- we give them one more incentive to reconsider the question they may deliberately... more »