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Survey Development

Feature to view the full survey as entered in other languages

I've been setting up a survey with two other languages besides English. Started with the survey in English, attached question text and answer text in other language versions as needed. Great concept in general. However, it is already a complicated enough process working in a language that you are not familiar. So perhaps like me the process goes something like: Translator does their bit, pass you the translation, you... more »

Survey Delivery

Choose language of survey & invitation based on custom variable

It would be nice if we had te possibility to (automaticaly) upload and process email-lists containing custom variables, where the language of the invitation and survey is stored in one of the custom variables. That way only the upload of the file triggers the entire proces.

Iif language = NL then use email template X, if language = EN then use email template Y
if language = NL then use survey language NL, if... more »

Reporting Tools

Eneble SMS Polls fro other countries

( 1 )I think it's a time to internationalization of SMS Polls project. I, for example, wont to create this project in Georgia (country, Tbilisi) and I want to contact the person, who may to give for me any consultations about this question. I have very good business-contacts to GSM (mobile) operation companies in Georgia. If I correctly understand this (SMS Polls) project is linked to GSM systems; I ask him (Director... more »


Gaps in multilingual version e.g. Tips

I have identified at least two 'gaps' in the multi-lingual feature (a) There is no where to add transpated other language text for the "Tips" help text associated with any specific question and (b) the "refer a friend" end of survey termination option presents a page where the surveyed person can enter email addresses of others they might like to take he survey. This is a standard page that one can not even see/edit in... more »