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Survey Delivery

Flexible Template For Thank You + Individual Response

In the Standard Email Notifications, when you Enable Thank You Email with Email Type : Thank You + Individual Response you can customize the thank you message only and the user ALWAYS GETS THE Response Details (ID, Timestamp, IP Address, Time Taken, Email Address, Email List) AND Integration/Custom Tags (Custom Tag 0-5) AND Geo Coding (Country, Region, City, Area Code, DMA Code).
Some of these details do not make any... more »
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Reporting Tools

Cross tabs in the real time summary by question responses

In the Real Time Summary, we can filter by question response on the first filter, but cannot filter by question response in the second or later filters.
We can run cross tabs and get towards the answers, but often we just want to browse all answers by the two chosen question responses, and so doing so in the Real Time Summary screen would be very helpful.
Could you please allow this to happen, in the next updates!... more »
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Survey Development

incorrect response for multi select type variables

one of the major problem with the response of multi select question type, in data if export excel format then the response which are shown to respondent are but not selected are blank. and suppose we implement masking (extraction) then it will be hard to differentiate in these condition from data. So if there is error in implementation such logic we can confirm by checking data. I believe in data this should be 1 for... more »