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Survey Delivery

Unsubscribe Prompts

When an email respondent unsubscribes, they should be prompted with an either "Are you sure you want to unsubscribe? You will no longer be able to receive questionpro emails from this user" or, on the confirmation page, provide a link that says "I changed my mind, please allow site users to contact me."

--this is especially important in case someone accidently clicked the unsubscribe!

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Survey Delivery

Position of Unsubscribe button in QP-dispatched emails.

One possible advantage is to make the position of the Unsubscribe button in emails sent through Question Pro changeable.
Currently it is set at the bottom right hand corner of the emails, which for invitations received by email on PCs, laptops, and tablets, is fine and matches the natural eye movements of English reading (from top left to bottom right).
However, if the survey is completed on a smart phone or iPhone,... more »