Survey Development

Required Question Asterisk

Please put the required question asterisk at the front of the question or the responses so that we can avoid displaying the red asterisk on 1 or 2 lines below the question. I often include break tags to give the question and responses some space. I also want more space between responses so they are easier to read.

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Reporting Tools

Allow option not to receive datasets via email when downloading

Do not automatically attach a data file (such as an SPSS file) to an email when we ask for a download. These can contain sensitive information. We would prefer that they are downloadable from the site only and do not come through unsecured email. If this is not possible, send the attached file password-protected.

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Survey Development

Remove QPro Logo at end of Survey

Make the option to remove the QuestionPro logo available to "Corporate" License users also.The Enterprise license from Survey Analytics allows for removal of the logo. I've gotten several complaints from internal Managers that the QuestionPro logo and branding is too prominent at the end of the survey and why are we promoting them when we are sending a survey to our customers.

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