Reporting Tools

Submitted by (@willmore9274)

Auto email of reponses to survey taker

Add auto email option of complete survey responses back to respondent. This email would be similar/identical to the email of responses to the administrator and would be in addition to/instead of the Thank You email to respondents. Respondents could then have a email records instead of relying on printing it out after submission. Please!


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Survey Development

Submitted by (@peterlee)

Format of Thank You Page

Is the Thank You page formattable? Make what is seen in the editing screen the actual format of the concluding Thank You page. I designed a nice conclusion with paragraphs and a list of debrief information, but when I previewed my page, the formatting wasn't retained. Are there formatting codes needed? Perhaps a WYSIWYG function would be good here.


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Survey Development

Submitted by (@philip.derham)

Show hide logic - numbers of categories and page breaks

With the show/hide logic, can I suggest we allow more than 5 categories, if possible, please. And ideally for answers in two questions (where we are using a long list divided into shorter lists for respondent ease). Secondly, if you use the hide/show logic if... currently you can't have a page break. There may be technical reasons for this but if the show/hide question refers to earlier questions, there seems to be ...more »


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Survey Development

Submitted by (@jessicacepeda)

Eliminate the extra spacing in the printout for forms that have branching

Whenever you print a form that has branching, there's all this extra spacing, a major gap that interferes with viewing all the questions you answered. So let's say I answer Q.1-6 then because of branching I then jump to Q.12, then to Q36, then what I get is, an extra 3 or 4 pages in between.


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