A member of our association recently elected the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the survey invitation and received a chat head from someone at QuestionPro. This greatly upset them as it made them feel like their information was not private but that QuestionPro had access to their contact data. Please remove this feature for those unsubscribing


Reporting Tools

Average time for survey completion

Hi, Like the newish average time to complete in QP. Have noticed, because I choose not to set a time limit, that some participants start, clearly go off and do something else, and come back quite some time later and finish the survey. This means we have distorted (extended) averages. I know a solution is to put a time limit on the survey, but if I choose not to do that, would like to have a scatter graph showing times... more »


Survey Delivery

SurveyPocket recommendations:

It would be nice if you could allow the surveypocket version of the survey to look like that of the online version. It has a standard background and does not allow the questions to be formatted the same way. For example, the App doesn’t display multiple selection questions, matrix questions, etc in a usable form. In other words, it doesn’t look like it would if it was an online version as a grid with boxes to select.... more »


Survey Development

Eliminate the extra spacing in the printout for forms that have branching

Whenever you print a form that has branching, there's all this extra spacing, a major gap that interferes with viewing all the questions you answered. So let's say I answer Q.1-6 then because of branching I then jump to Q.12, then to Q36, then what I get is, an extra 3 or 4 pages in between.


Survey Development

Scheduling Survey


It would be great if you have option for scheduling the survey, (Pre and Post Survey)

For example, today is the launching of the first survey, then after 3months the survey will be launch again. (scheduled)

And also with the reports, there is a comparison report.

The same questionnaire, pre and post report.


Reporting Tools

Base multi-select calculation on who answered THAT question.

Right now the calculation is based on how many options selected, not how many PEOPLE selected an option. This artificially skews percentages down if there is a large option list. We can change the calculation to be based off of how many started/completed the survey but that isn't accurate either. Base the calculation on how many people answered that particular question as the default.