Survey Development

Simplyfy Image Upload/Display process

I was talking to Francie from FB and she brought this topic up. If you need to put an inline image in a question (typically this would involve a screenshot or an image of a product) and then ask a couple of questions -- It's kinda cumbersome to do this now.

1. Users don't know HTML and need to learn IMG tags etc.
2. Users think they need to upload the images on their own servers - That may (or may not) be easy and feasable... more »

Survey Delivery

Inactive Survey Message

We need the ability to customize the message that appears to consumers when we have turned off a survey. The current message is:

This Survey has been deactivated by the owner.

I'd like the ability to better explain to consumers why they're no longer able to take the survey, such as:

"We've reached the number of responses we were looking to obtain with this survey. Thanks for making the attempt, and make sure... more »

Survey Development

Copying a Survey-Maintain all branching and logic from original

I would like to be able to make an exact duplicate of an existing survey. I want the duplicate to maintain all logic and branching from the original. I recently tried this and ended up having to re-check all of the branching in the survey only to find that about 1/2 of the branching was maintained from the original and the rest I needed to re-do.

Survey Development

Easier and faster incorporation of images in survey

I suggest you make it faster and easier to copy and paste image/multimedia tags/URL's into surveys by allowing users to open the images/multimedia page in a separate window or tab. OR, better yet, somehow allow users to insert the image directly in the question/survey through a drop-down box without needing to switch back and forth between the images/multimedia page.

Survey Delivery

Poll features

For the new Polls feature, suggest you:

1 Give the capacity to rename the survey so its name is relevant (e.g. FootySeasonIsOver) rather than the list of alpha-numerics the name you broadcast currently is.

2 At the end of the results screen, give capacity to have a Close button that redirects to a site you choose when you set the poll up. May be to your website, the client's website or somewhere else or just to... more »

Reporting Tools

Live Report should include the option to export data

Colleagues in other offices with access to the web based Live Report need to see all answers. Unfortunately, the Live Report does not display all data if the questionnaire includes Matrix Table / Spreadsheet questions. I can't be exporting reports each time they need to see all raw data. Please include the configuration option to allow users of the Live Report to export available reports.