Survey Delivery

Open survey in new window that doesn't have a "back" button

I'd like the option to have the survey open in an new windown with the browswer's back button disabled. Even with backward movement disabled in QPro, respondents still try to do this through their browser and it wreaks havoc in the data file - creating anywhere from 1 to 4 extra records (duplicates) for these respondents. These records also show up in some of QPro's reports overstating the number of completes at any... more »

Survey Development

Insert a new question from the setup logic popup

When I'm adding logic to my survey, it might be helpful to be able to insert a new question based on the logic I'm creating.

For example, on a customer satisfaction survey I might decide to add branching on a rating question based on any response other than Extremely Satisfied. Or even on that response I might want to take them to a new question that says "Wow! Glad we nailed it. Is there anything we can do to make... more »


UK / International Date Format

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Please can we have the option to set the format we want any date entries to appear in. At present only the US mm/dd/yy format is available in questionnaire and in the report view area and this is really confusing for UK based users. It is such a simple thing that will make a big difference and as a multinational company I think it is something you should be providing already.

Reporting Tools

Confirmation warning

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I suggest you make it possible to have participants enter information into a text box (eg: email address) then enter it again for confirmation, and if they do not match, have a warning box pop up to check it. We currently need such a feature for our participants to get credit for completing the survey and the option does not exist!


"Not Equal To" Data Segmentation Has Problems

Data segmentation has difficulty with the "not equal to" operator.


The "not equal to" operator does not work if the question that is being used to filter has many answers.


For instance, I want to include all survey respondents that answered they were not in the United States, and data filtering cannot handle this, only shooting out an XLS report with a partial report of the data.