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Survey Delivery

Unsubscribe Prompts

When an email respondent unsubscribes, they should be prompted with an either "Are you sure you want to unsubscribe? You will no longer be able to receive questionpro emails from this user" or, on the confirmation page, provide a link that says "I changed my mind, please allow site users to contact me."

--this is especially important in case someone accidently clicked the unsubscribe!

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Survey Development

Add question numbers to Word-exported surveys

When you expert a survey to Word, whether the default i QP has the question numbers visible or not, the question numbers are not exported.
The question numbers are exported in PDF files if the display has them as visible in QP.
Can we please have the question numbers exported with the text into Word, if the question numbers are set to show on the QP site and survey.
Thank you - will save a lot of time at the survey... more »
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Survey Delivery

SurveyPocket recommendations:

It would be nice if you could allow the surveypocket version of the survey to look like that of the online version. It has a standard background and does not allow the questions to be formatted the same way. For example, the App doesn’t display multiple selection questions, matrix questions, etc in a usable form. In other words, it doesn’t look like it would if it was an online version as a grid with boxes to select.... more »
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Survey Delivery

ID respondent logic

about the respondet ID use.
The best and simplest logic would be. The QuestionPro checks if the Id was already used. If not, then respondent can proceed, If yes the respondent is not allowed to take the survey again. No password or user required. Only it!
So, I could mail the respondents with a different ID each one and indicate only one address to take the survey. They would take the survey once, even using another computer... more »
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Reporting Tools

Importing Data

The ability to import data into the survey. We occasionally back up the data files from a survey in progress, and being able to re-import that data would be great in case the survey was damaged somehow. It would also allow us to collect data from hard copy surveys and incorporate them into your software quickly.

Essentially, as long as the question codes of the data match to the headers, being able to upload... more »
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I have had repeated problems where a respondent has to use the same form for multiple times and the survey does not allow it. I definitely did not set the "prevent ballot box stuffing" but the respondent kept getting a page which says the survey has been submitted and cannot be taken again. I had a hell of time explaining things I can't explain...

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Reporting Tools

Translated tags in reports

As in the frontend survey editor, Questionpro should offer a translation in other languages for the tags shown also in the online survey report (for example: Answer - Totale - count - etc).

It would be great only to have a keyword translation in all the language you offer in QuestionPro Survey system.

Now we need to show the online report chart with english tag charts..

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Reporting Tools

Rollup Matrix Data for Group / Segment Summary Reports

When I view the overall Summary Report for a survey, I generally prefer to see data for matrix questions rolled up. So, I check the box in Configure Analytics and this makes the report display as I like it. However, when I run a Summary Report for a Group / Segment that I have created, there is currently no way to rollup data for matrix questions. Enabling this capability would be very helpful.