Survey Development

Adding Improvements to Randomizer

Improvements to Randomizer

I was recently considering putting the Randomizer in my survey, unfortunately, I had questions that NEED to be adjacent to each other, such as an image, two multipoint scales, and a comment block. I was disappointed that I was unable to group questions together. Therefore, I have these suggestion to improve upon Randomizer.
1) Randomly Choose 1 Page and display it
2) Randomize The Order of... more »

Survey Development

Perform Calculations Based on Who Answers the Question

I am trying to create a survey where I want to give my top producers more weight. For example, I would like their answer to be weighted for every $100,000 in revenue.

Tom, who sold $340,000 of product, would have his vote weighted 3 times, compared to Jill who sold $130,000 (her answer would only be weighted once).

It would be helpful to be able to do this type of calculation...


Reporting Tools

Survey Statistics Report for Multiple Surveys

We usually have 6 - 12 reports that are active at the same time and management likes to see the survey statistics for active surveys each week. Right now we have to check the summary report and compile the information for each survey individually. It would be a great enhancement if there was a Survey Statistics Report that could be run on multiple surveys.

The report should have the name of each survey, the number of... more »

Survey Development


provide translation for all pop up windows. For example, if a survey is in french and english, when we ask the opening question, of 'what language do you want to complete this survey', this question can be translated but the response 'french' appears in english rather than the respondent's chosen language, french. The option should appear as 'francais' rather than 'french'. Similarly, if a respondent elects to stop the... more »