Reporting Tools

Real time analysis of filtered data by device

Currently, in the reporting, real time analysis you can filter the data by question responses and then add a filter of device type. But when you do, the device type available is Tablet/ smart phone.
Given the strong use of smart phones to answer surveys, we'd like to be able to analyse by individual type - e.g. smart phone separately from tablet. Could you please add this to the next lot of changes.
With best wishes,... more »

Survey Development

Retaining an answer position in a randomised list

Can we have the capacity in lists to anchor at the bottom both the Some other (as now) but one other answer. This because sometimes None or Can't say are proper responses but at present, if in the list, are randomised when the answer places are randomised. There is common sense in keeping such answers at the foot of a list.


Constant Sum - Autofill Last Row

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It seems to me that autofilling the last row of a constant sum question when displaying the running total is coneptually wrong.

Respondents should be able to enter their answers, view the running total and correct as necessary. Auto filling th elast row assumes that I have entered all of the previous responses correctly.

QP response was to turn off runnin g total. I don't like that either. Let's suppose I have a list... more »

Survey Development

Restart survey

In surveys with logic in it where you can't go back in the survey to correct wrong answers I'd like to see an option that will allow respondents to click a button that will delete their responses so far and restart the survey anew. Currently if you allow only one response per IP address, email address etc. if they back out due to an error it records the response as incomplete but won't allow them to retake it because... more »


IdeaScale Moderation/Authentication Settings

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The following setting is not working properly:

High - Authenticated Users Only
Users MUST be logged into the site to view ideas, comments. New users must be approved by the moderator.

Even with this setting, new users can create accounts, view, post, and have full run of the site without initial approval from the Moderator.

Also, the "Top Contributors" section is shown on the site before logging in with a site under... more »