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Reporting Tools

Confirmation warning

I suggest you make it possible to have participants enter information into a text box (eg: email address) then enter it again for confirmation, and if they do not match, have a warning box pop up to check it. We currently need such a feature for our participants to get credit for completing the survey and the option does not exist!

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Survey Development

Ability to make codes exclusive in multi select matrix grids

The ability to make a code exclusive in the Checkbox/multi-select matrix grid. This option should be available both in the rows and the columns. Currently there is a "N/A" option available in the columns but this is not exclusive. It should be that we can edit options both in the Columns and the Rows when selecting "settings" but at the moment I only have the option of editting my column codes.

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Survey Development

Additional "other" field.

There is now only one field avaiable for "other." It would be helpful if two fields were available because we often recode the response entered in "other," but if several responses are entered in the one "other" field, it's very difficult to recode them because you can't array the data in a sort that lets you quickly see what might need to be recoded.

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Survey Development

incorrect response for multi select type variables

one of the major problem with the response of multi select question type, in data if export excel format then the response which are shown to respondent are but not selected are blank. and suppose we implement masking (extraction) then it will be hard to differentiate in these condition from data. So if there is error in implementation such logic we can confirm by checking data. I believe in data this should be 1 for... more »
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Survey Development

Radical overhaul of "Contact data" upload and editing

I wanted to use a Participant ID with associated data so that I could see certain key data (already known) against each response record. However, Currently there is a strange set of restrictions on the way that externally produced data can be uploaded and used in QPRo. I have found restriction after unnecessary restriction. It seems that behind the scenes there is a "Manage Email Lists" feature (quite difficult to find)... more »
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Reporting Tools

Better Export features for reports

The tables produced by crosstabs online are beautiful but there is no way to get them into an MS Word report. I'm not going to have my market research clients go into the site and look at everything online. They expect me to deliver a beautiful report. All the online graphic report features are stunning. If only I could get them into a report that I could send my clients. Instead the Excel output of the Pivot table... more »
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Survey Development

Ability to use data for drop-downs in more than one question

Store the answer data for drop-down questions separate from the question so that it can be used in more than one question. For example, an employee list could be used as the drop-down data for the questions "Who are you?" and "Who is your supervisor?". Currently the selections for the drop down must be cut/pasted into each of the questions individually - and then maintained in each of the questions individually. Provide... more »
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Survey Development

Exportable Word template of the survey that is importable

I suggest that you include a 'export importable word document' feature. Something that would allow me to export something to edit in word, then reimport it back in.

You can format anything that cannot be converted as 'hidden text', allowing it to programatically exist for reimporting, and visible when clicking the 'show hidden characters' button.