Survey Development

Submitted by (@jameswirth)

Insert a new question from the setup logic popup

When I'm adding logic to my survey, it might be helpful to be able to insert a new question based on the logic I'm creating. For example, on a customer satisfaction survey I might decide to add branching on a rating question based on any response other than Extremely Satisfied. Or even on that response I might want to take them to a new question that says "Wow! Glad we nailed it. Is there anything we can do to make ...more »


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Reporting Tools

Submitted by (@sagamanolis)

Trend report in email or HTML

At the moment it is only possible to generate a trend report in Excel format. It would be really nice to be able to generate trend report in HTML for web or email viewing. For surveys that are open on an ongoing basis it would be really useful to see changes over time - for example every month over a window of the most recent year, or every week over most recent quarter, etc.


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Survey Delivery

Submitted by (@rodrigofaria)

ID respondent logic

about the respondet ID use. The best and simplest logic would be. The QuestionPro checks if the Id was already used. If not, then respondent can proceed, If yes the respondent is not allowed to take the survey again. No password or user required. Only it! So, I could mail the respondents with a different ID each one and indicate only one address to take the survey. They would take the survey once, even using another computer ...more »


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