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Survey Development

Feature to view the full survey as entered in other languages

I've been setting up a survey with two other languages besides English. Started with the survey in English, attached question text and answer text in other language versions as needed. Great concept in general. However, it is already a complicated enough process working in a language that you are not familiar. So perhaps like me the process goes something like: Translator does their bit, pass you the translation, you... more »
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Survey Delivery

Action Alert Configuration: Limit Data Sent

Action Alert Configuration


We have a question in our survey whether or not someone wants to be on a mailing list.

We like that we can include the survey response in the email, however we would like to be able to specify what survey data is sent to the email address.

The person in charge of the mailing list only needs to know information from two questions, and possibly some variables.

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Survey Delivery

Forcing Survey to open in a fresh pop up window

We've been rolling out a new multi-lingual survey with lots of rules and logic contained within. Had a few problems with QPro which may, just may be associated with retained data within the Internet Browser.
My idea is to somehow force the standard survey link to open in a fresh pop-up window. I suspect that - as well as reducing the incidence of user attempts to use a 'back' button (which, by default, would not be... more »
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Survey Delivery

Adding Multiple Surveys to the Email Invitation

For my purposes, I am trying to send out multiple surveys (5) to the same distribution list. In order to do this I need to send out 5 separate emails to my list that corresponds with the particular survey. (ie. only one survey per invitation) It would be nice to have the ability to provide these links in the invitation email and track the participation of each (who has viewed, completed, pending) having the ability... more »
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Reporting Tools

Enable "write" capability to existing survey data

It would be nice to be able to create additional fields/columns and to be able to "write" (or add) additional data into the existing survey data, directly through the user interface.

For instance, in the Response Viewer, one can then categories or add comments directly to the responses so that they show up when downloading reports.

This is particularly beneficial if one would like to code and tabulate the survey comments.... more »


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Reporting Tools

Ease of survey creation

Am using Survey Pro and have noticed that I have to constantly move from the bottom of a survey to the top to use the Edit Survey or Survey Control or Survey Options commands, and that takes time and is a less than optimal practice.
Is it possible to have those commands on a toolbar that appears directly under the tabs and can be seen at all times, so that you can change without having to scroll up and down all the... more »
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Special Characters

Custom fields are not allowed to have special characters like accents. To deploy on several languages a personalized invitation I must add a dear Mr. or dear Mrs. depending on gender and language plus the name of the person. As example in the French language you have Chère Madame (for Dear Mrs) with an accent in the first e. Having no accent will be seeing as misspelled and not seriously. There are names in Spanish that... more »
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Survey Development

Additional Comments

Can we have the option to add a comments box on a multiple choice question without having to allow mutliple entries which may lead to errors? I only want one answer and the ability to insert a comment and the work around is to allow multiple entries which can lead to errors

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Survey Development

Option to choose if survey questions are bold

I recently noticed I do not have the option to choose if the questions in my survey are, or are not, bold. All questions appear bold. I was told be QuestionPro support that, "Survey respondents have better survey completion rates when the question and answers are visually separated."

The issue is that some clients still do not care for the visual aesthetics if bold questions. Or rather, would only like select parts... more »