Reporting Tools

Want QuestionPro to have an analytical model that we do not support today? Have ideas on how we can improve upon our analytics and reporting tools.

Reporting Tools

Open ended repsonses

Can I suggest that we add a profiling function at the very least to open ended questions - many of my clients want to what was said by gender/age/geography at the very least - Open ended questions can be very powerful but they are not being maximized in their current form.

Ideally being able to cross with any question would be perfect but profiling the responses would be a great help and insight for clients.
Thanks,... more »

Reporting Tools

Cross tabs in the real time summary by question responses

In the Real Time Summary, we can filter by question response on the first filter, but cannot filter by question response in the second or later filters.
We can run cross tabs and get towards the answers, but often we just want to browse all answers by the two chosen question responses, and so doing so in the Real Time Summary screen would be very helpful.
Could you please allow this to happen, in the next updates!... more »

Reporting Tools

Excel Report

We can now download Excel reports from the center of the Report screen by selecting Download Options->Export Raw Data->Excel Report. Note, however, that this version of the report does not bring in the raw data even though there is a tab for it in the report. I suggest either (1) redesigning the report and eliminating the tab for Raw Data, or (b) exporting the raw data. If someone downloads this report, saves it, uses... more »

Reporting Tools

Enable "write" capability to existing survey data

It would be nice to be able to create additional fields/columns and to be able to "write" (or add) additional data into the existing survey data, directly through the user interface.

For instance, in the Response Viewer, one can then categories or add comments directly to the responses so that they show up when downloading reports.

This is particularly beneficial if one would like to code and tabulate the survey comments.... more »


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Reporting Tools

Option for Free From Comments included in Real-Time Summary

I love the new Real-Time Summary. One of the things we need to do on almost all surveys is break them down by a certain question, in our case different Facilitators. The Real-Time Summary makes this SO easy and very visual, however we miss out on an free form comments we are looking for. Because of this, we must export reports and manipulate in Excel. It would be AMAZING if Free From questions were included in the Real-Time... more »