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Want QuestionPro to have an analytical model that we do not support today? Have ideas on how we can improve upon our analytics and reporting tools.

Reporting Tools

Comparison reports, created by using filters

Am working with a survey. Have used two filters and produced a data set based on an online comparison (which is a most useful feature) which I can print out on paper and show the comparisons. If I export it to Excel, the Excel file shows data for only 1 of the 2 filters. If I export it to PDF, it merely repeats the first question 40 more times and does not add the answers to any of the other 40 questions. How... more »


Reporting Tools

SPSS, Excel and csv files to contain same information (columns)

Downloaded SPSS, and Excel / csv files do not contain the same columns. There is some information only available on excel / csv which is of great interest (like "country") when analysing the results on the SPSS package. Could you make all report files (csv, excel & SPSS) contain the same amount of information?


Reporting Tools

Grouping/Segmentation filters

Because you have a limit of 10 groups when using the grouping/segmentation filtering function, we're forced to delete filters if we surpass this benchmark. It would be more efficient if we could keep all filters that we create and just activate/inactivate them as we broach/surpass the 10 group limit.


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Reporting Tools

Variance analysis of opinion survey data

Calculates the variance in results between your baseline data and target data. Examples include: (a) between your baseline and actual completion dates (b) between reponses from your entire organization and target sub-group, and (c) between the manager's performance or competency ratings of an employee and the employee's self ratings.


Reporting Tools

Allow user to select what info is sent in an Action Alert email

There are two options that can be chosen as to what info gets sent out in an Action Alert email: 1) Include survey response with notification 2) Include Custom Variables/System Variable Details When option 1 is UNchecked, nothing is included in the email. When option 1 is CHecked, the following is included, in addition to the questions and responses: Response Details ID Timestamp IP Address Time Taken... more »