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Base multi-select calculation on who answered THAT question.

Right now the calculation is based on how many options selected, not how many PEOPLE selected an option. This artificially skews percentages down if there is a large option list. We can change the calculation to be based off of how many started/completed the survey but that isn't accurate either. Base the calculation on how many people answered that particular question as the default.

Reporting Tools

Ease of survey creation

Am using Survey Pro and have noticed that I have to constantly move from the bottom of a survey to the top to use the Edit Survey or Survey Control or Survey Options commands, and that takes time and is a less than optimal practice.
Is it possible to have those commands on a toolbar that appears directly under the tabs and can be seen at all times, so that you can change without having to scroll up and down all the... more »

Reporting Tools

Trend report in email or HTML

At the moment it is only possible to generate a trend report in Excel format. It would be really nice to be able to generate trend report in HTML for web or email viewing. For surveys that are open on an ongoing basis it would be really useful to see changes over time - for example every month over a window of the most recent year, or every week over most recent quarter, etc.

Reporting Tools

Muti-select percentages

Right now when I export the data I get frequencies and percentages. But the percentages are percentage of /responses/ instead of percentage of /respondents/. I don't see how this is useful. On multi-select questions totals can add up to more than 100%. If 25% of respondents selected an option I want to know that. I don't care if it's 3% of the total mentions. A response should not seem to be less popular simply because... more »

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"Other" field to show in the raw data download

Instead of a "new idea" I think this is rather an overlook in the programming. Whenever you put an "other" field in a multiple choice, multiple answer question, the results for "other" won't show unless someone puts something in the text box. That is, if you check "other" but do not type anything in the text box, you won't see anything in the raw data. However, it shows in the single answer question. I asked the online... more »

Reporting Tools

Better Export features for reports

The tables produced by crosstabs online are beautiful but there is no way to get them into an MS Word report. I'm not going to have my market research clients go into the site and look at everything online. They expect me to deliver a beautiful report. All the online graphic report features are stunning. If only I could get them into a report that I could send my clients. Instead the Excel output of the Pivot table... more »

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Comparison reports, created by using filters

Am working with a survey.

Have used two filters and produced a data set based on an online comparison (which is a most useful feature) which I can print out on paper and show the comparisons.

If I export it to Excel, the Excel file shows data for only 1 of the 2 filters.

If I export it to PDF, it merely repeats the first question 40 more times and does not add the answers to any of the other 40 questions.

How... more »

Reporting Tools

Show schedule 'Name' when emailing scheduled reports - not just

Currently all scheduled reports show only the survey name in the email, with no identification of which filters were applied or the schedule 'Name' that you are able to enter.


We would like to be able to run two scheduled reports with different filters, and be able to tell which report corresponds to which filter without having to manually sort through the attachments each time.

Reporting Tools

Survey/Report Titles included in emailed or printed report standard reports

I had posted this question before but I have an additional request. QuestionPro has now included titles on screen but when you "print/email" the report - the title disappears. Also, it would be very useful to have the survey title in the email subject (not just "survey report"). If you have many surveys and they are all coming into your inbox it is difficult to determine which one is which.