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Excel Report Question Codes

The tab labels in the downloaded Excel report are not user friendly. For example, Q7 is not MY Q7, it is what the system counts off as Q7, starting with the survey introduction as the first question. The user should not be expected to recount all the questions in their survey to find the correct tab when they are looking for the summary information for a particular question or to have to go through each tab to find it.... more »
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Reporting Tools

Open ended repsonses

Can I suggest that we add a profiling function at the very least to open ended questions - many of my clients want to what was said by gender/age/geography at the very least - Open ended questions can be very powerful but they are not being maximized in their current form.

Ideally being able to cross with any question would be perfect but profiling the responses would be a great help and insight for clients.
Thanks,... more »
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Permalink Function

Please bring back the permalink function so that we can have an external link which can be filtered by a certain status. We use this link to be able to send to our clients who are running the jobs and they can keep an eye on their own projects. It's an important function required to run our projects.

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Eneble SMS Polls fro other countries

( 1 )I think it's a time to internationalization of SMS Polls project. I, for example, wont to create this project in Georgia (country, Tbilisi) and I want to contact the person, who may to give for me any consultations about this question. I have very good business-contacts to GSM (mobile) operation companies in Georgia. If I correctly understand this (SMS Polls) project is linked to GSM systems; I ask him (Director... more »
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Reporting Tools

Real-Time Summary: Time Filter

Once again, the Real-Time Summary is great! Saves us so much time from running reports ourselves. I appreciate you implementing my idea of adding the free form comments to the reports.

Would it be possible to add a feature where the end user could put in a date range to filter the results? Right now we have a lot of surveys that are completed time and time again by different classes that occur in our building. It would... more »
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Ease of survey creation

Am using Survey Pro and have noticed that I have to constantly move from the bottom of a survey to the top to use the Edit Survey or Survey Control or Survey Options commands, and that takes time and is a less than optimal practice.
Is it possible to have those commands on a toolbar that appears directly under the tabs and can be seen at all times, so that you can change without having to scroll up and down all the... more »
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Use of Ideascale for STEEPV analysis

STEEPV (Society, technology, economy, environment, politics and values) is a great framework for observing trends in the business environment so that threats or opportunities for an organization can be identified very early. Ideascale is an ideal platform for teams within an organization to post the trends. The 'tags' feature allows the different posts to be categorized on the basis of STEEPV framework. Periodically,... more »
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Reporting Tools

Auto email of reponses to survey taker

Add auto email option of complete survey responses back to respondent. This email would be similar/identical to the email of responses to the administrator and would be in addition to/instead of the Thank You email to respondents. Respondents could then have a email records instead of relying on printing it out after submission. Please!


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Reporting Tools

Page Breaks on Real-Time Summary

In the past, when Printing the "Real-Time Summary", a page break existed between each result. With the new formatting, this does not happen, and some results are cut-off or broken-out over two pages. When pdfing this report for others, the report does not look as user friendly as with page breaks. Can you please add the page breaks back?