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Reporting Graphics

I've been really impressed by some of the graphics (i.e., the infographics and the net promoter graphics, some of the 3-d pie charts). Other graphics could use the same level of branding. When I download the .ppt version of the report, the bar charts pale in comparison to some of the online reporting graphics. I'd like to see all the exportable and printable charts at the same level of quality and professionalism as... more »
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Reporting Tools

Eneble SMS Polls fro other countries

( 1 )I think it's a time to internationalization of SMS Polls project. I, for example, wont to create this project in Georgia (country, Tbilisi) and I want to contact the person, who may to give for me any consultations about this question. I have very good business-contacts to GSM (mobile) operation companies in Georgia. If I correctly understand this (SMS Polls) project is linked to GSM systems; I ask him (Director... more »
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Library Question Numbers Included in CSV or XLS Files

I have questions in my question library. Each question is numbered. These questions are then used to create surveys. I would like the question numbers from the library to be reflected in the survey results file.

I would like to have the numbers included because I am asking the same question in multiple surveys and I want to see the performance of that question throughout the surveys. Sometimes the question could be... more »
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Reporting Tools

Average time for survey completion

Like the newish average time to complete in QP. Have noticed, because I choose not to set a time limit, that some participants start, clearly go off and do something else, and come back quite some time later and finish the survey. This means we have distorted (extended) averages.
I know a solution is to put a time limit on the survey, but if I choose not to do that, would like to have a scatter graph showing times... more »
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Open ended repsonses

Can I suggest that we add a profiling function at the very least to open ended questions - many of my clients want to what was said by gender/age/geography at the very least - Open ended questions can be very powerful but they are not being maximized in their current form.

Ideally being able to cross with any question would be perfect but profiling the responses would be a great help and insight for clients.
Thanks,... more »
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Data Output Formatting Flaw in XLS-Column vs. Row

I was shocked to find that survey data exported to an XLS spreadsheet is ONLY formatted to provide a percent of total calculation by COLUMN and not a percentage distribution by ROW. I submit that this capability is critical to nearly every researcher and the fact that the current Question Pro platform cannot output data in this format is a substantial flaw and weakness of the service.

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SPSS, Excel and csv files to contain same information (columns)

Downloaded SPSS, and Excel / csv files do not contain the same columns. There is some information only available on excel / csv which is of great interest (like "country") when analysing the results on the SPSS package. Could you make all report files (csv, excel & SPSS) contain the same amount of information?

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Reporting Tools

Rollup Matrix Data for Group / Segment Summary Reports

When I view the overall Summary Report for a survey, I generally prefer to see data for matrix questions rolled up. So, I check the box in Configure Analytics and this makes the report display as I like it. However, when I run a Summary Report for a Group / Segment that I have created, there is currently no way to rollup data for matrix questions. Enabling this capability would be very helpful.