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Ability to combine data from more than 2 surveys

My company has many products and I often do surveys on multiple products (up to 17). The surveys typically have the same questions -- only the names change.

I would like to be able to combine the data from all the surveys in the reporting tool. I usually have to export everything into SPSS and this takes time.

So, I would like the ability to combine the data from multiple surveys so I can both obtain a true total,... more »

Reporting Tools

Real-Time Summary: Time Filter

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Once again, the Real-Time Summary is great! Saves us so much time from running reports ourselves. I appreciate you implementing my idea of adding the free form comments to the reports.

Would it be possible to add a feature where the end user could put in a date range to filter the results? Right now we have a lot of surveys that are completed time and time again by different classes that occur in our building. It would... more »

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Excel Report Question Codes

The tab labels in the downloaded Excel report are not user friendly. For example, Q7 is not MY Q7, it is what the system counts off as Q7, starting with the survey introduction as the first question. The user should not be expected to recount all the questions in their survey to find the correct tab when they are looking for the summary information for a particular question or to have to go through each tab to find it.... more »

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Filter by Date

It would be very beneficial to be able to filter data by a survey question containing a date. For Example: We are using the survey to calculate when a transfer occurred (date), what the transfer was for and where the patient was transferred to. I currently cannot pull a report to give me specific data on the transfers for the month of February. The survey allows date questions; however, the data has to be pulled... more »

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Comparison reports, created by using filters

Am working with a survey.

Have used two filters and produced a data set based on an online comparison (which is a most useful feature) which I can print out on paper and show the comparisons.

If I export it to Excel, the Excel file shows data for only 1 of the 2 filters.

If I export it to PDF, it merely repeats the first question 40 more times and does not add the answers to any of the other 40 questions.

How... more »