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Add time zones to all dates used in reports + onscreen

To better consider international customers (and those that span timezones!):- Add "localisation" to times by allowing the selection of time zone to display throughout a user's QPro interface and reports. For example, survey notifications show a system time which, without knowledge of what time the "system" is based in, is almost meaningless. Far better to (a) allow users to select their local timezone (perhaps as part... more »

Reporting Tools

Better Subject Lines for Scheduled Exports

The "Name" field should be used in the subject line of scheduled exports instead of report type (e.g. "Real-Time Summary Report"). Since I have more than one of the same report type, it's impossible to differentiate between different ones.


In addition, it would be nice if the survey name the report was being generated from would be included in the body of the email.

Reporting Tools

Comparison reports, created by using filters

Am working with a survey.

Have used two filters and produced a data set based on an online comparison (which is a most useful feature) which I can print out on paper and show the comparisons.

If I export it to Excel, the Excel file shows data for only 1 of the 2 filters.

If I export it to PDF, it merely repeats the first question 40 more times and does not add the answers to any of the other 40 questions.

How... more »

Reporting Tools

Excel Report

We can now download Excel reports from the center of the Report screen by selecting Download Options->Export Raw Data->Excel Report. Note, however, that this version of the report does not bring in the raw data even though there is a tab for it in the report. I suggest either (1) redesigning the report and eliminating the tab for Raw Data, or (b) exporting the raw data. If someone downloads this report, saves it, uses... more »

Reporting Tools

Survey Statistics Report for Multiple Surveys

We usually have 6 - 12 reports that are active at the same time and management likes to see the survey statistics for active surveys each week. Right now we have to check the summary report and compile the information for each survey individually. It would be a great enhancement if there was a Survey Statistics Report that could be run on multiple surveys.

The report should have the name of each survey, the number of... more »

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More Embedding Flexibility - with Filters Please!

I use QuestionPro for a marketing promotion whereby users 'vote' for their favorite high school football team and at the end of the season the team with the most votes wins a prize. It has two purposes: one is to collect voter information and the other is to drive traffic to our website. Thus we are using embedding instead of the standalone survey.

The survey is embedded on one page of my website ( more »

Reporting Tools

Filter by Date

It would be very beneficial to be able to filter data by a survey question containing a date. For Example: We are using the survey to calculate when a transfer occurred (date), what the transfer was for and where the patient was transferred to. I currently cannot pull a report to give me specific data on the transfers for the month of February. The survey allows date questions; however, the data has to be pulled... more »