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Reporting Tools

Missing functionality in Response Viewer

We are planning to use yr system to send Case Study Tests (CST's) for evaluation of cadidates for open Sales functions with our numerous Clients across the globe.
As such, we must supply (paper) copies of our candidates' responses to our Clients prior to their interviews.
We also need to be able to print or create a PDF for every individual response BUT including INTRO, and all question types (incl. Presentation/header... more »
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Reporting Tools

Base multi-select calculation on who answered THAT question.

Right now the calculation is based on how many options selected, not how many PEOPLE selected an option. This artificially skews percentages down if there is a large option list. We can change the calculation to be based off of how many started/completed the survey but that isn't accurate either. Base the calculation on how many people answered that particular question as the default.

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Reporting Tools

Allow user to select what info is sent in an Action Alert email

There are two options that can be chosen as to what info gets sent out in an Action Alert email:

1) Include survey response with notification
2) Include Custom Variables/System Variable Details

When option 1 is UNchecked, nothing is included in the email.
When option 1 is CHecked, the following is included, in addition to the questions and responses:

Response Details
IP Address
Time Taken... more »
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Reporting Tools

Ability to change "time taken" setting on reports

Can the "Time Taken to Complete (Seconds)" setting in the reports page be changed to minutes? I agree that for some short surveys, seconds is the best measure. However, for longer surveys it is sometimes difficult to calculate minutes in your head. I suppose after exporting to Excel or SPSS we could make our own formula, but an internal Question Pro setting option would be nice.