Survey Development

Ideas and suggestions around survey development, question types and logic.

Survey Development


I would really like to be able to customize the surveys much more than is currently available. The spacing and sizing of banners cannot be adjusted as you would with other programs to make the look and feel of the survey. Creating the questions is easy and I would use this system much more if we could customise the rest of it to the kind of layout we want. This includes having questions side by side and not such huge... more »


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Survey Development

Required Question Asterisk

Please put the required question asterisk at the front of the question or the responses so that we can avoid displaying the red asterisk on 1 or 2 lines below the question. I often include break tags to give the question and responses some space. I also want more space between responses so they are easier to read.


Survey Development

Perform Calculations Based on Who Answers the Question

I am trying to create a survey where I want to give my top producers more weight. For example, I would like their answer to be weighted for every $100,000 in revenue.



Tom, who sold $340,000 of product, would have his vote weighted 3 times, compared to Jill who sold $130,000 (her answer would only be weighted once).


It would be helpful to be able to do this type of calculation...




Survey Development

No Red Star Option

In many programs I have used, the red star associated with required questions is repeatedly criticized by pre-testers as an unattractive way to represent such questions. Personally, I think it is appropriate in some cases, such as collecting form information like addresses and zipcodes. But for more involved questionnaires others have told me that it is a distraction. It would be useful to have a global option where... more »


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Survey Development

Functionality to Word Doc Import

Please add more functionality to the word doc import, like importing an exclusive "None" option (as of now it still imports as a multi option) and a slider matrix. I have a very large survey I plan to import from a word doc to save time. Unfortunately, many of my questions are slider based matrixes. I would love to be able to set up the word doc with the slider questions indicated in some way to import as such because... more »


Survey Development

Easier and faster incorporation of images in survey

I suggest you make it faster and easier to copy and paste image/multimedia tags/URL's into surveys by allowing users to open the images/multimedia page in a separate window or tab. OR, better yet, somehow allow users to insert the image directly in the question/survey through a drop-down box without needing to switch back and forth between the images/multimedia page.


Survey Development

Separate "question required" from validation settings.

Currently a question is set to required by checking "Enable Validation (require response)". But use of field validation, such as sums totaling to 100, requires that the same "Enable Validation" option be selected. However you might want a question to, e.g., total to 100 when it is answered but not require that it be answered. The "question required" option should be separate from and independent of the validation... more »