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Survey Development

Choice of placing the N/A to either left or right of scale

Moving the N/A from multipoint scales to either left or right.
I suggest that a person be able to choose which side of the scale that N/A appears.

The reasoning behind this is that there exists the possibility of someone clicking N/A instead of the highest option on the scale, leading to inaccurate data. However, if it was on the left side of the scale, the mistake isn't as great.

Here is an example:
Our company... more »
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Survey Development

Easier and faster incorporation of images in survey

I suggest you make it faster and easier to copy and paste image/multimedia tags/URL's into surveys by allowing users to open the images/multimedia page in a separate window or tab. OR, better yet, somehow allow users to insert the image directly in the question/survey through a drop-down box without needing to switch back and forth between the images/multimedia page.

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Survey Development

Survey received date

Have some configuration for survey received time stamp so, that we update survey received date in salesforce.

Suggestion : In configuration option there is a option to map the time stamp of received survey date that we can map with salesforce field. So, that we have same survey received date updated in salesforce for reporting purpose.

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Survey Development

Allow Participant ID to be associated to contact (email) record

The idea behind this existing Participant ID security prompt is that as a person is about to start a survey their eligibility can be tested i.e. if ID known, then it's OK for them to proceed. But currently it seems to be the case that you can only upload an isolated list of Participant IDs by themselves. With no other associated data.

This is such a lost opportunity.... In practical terms this feature would allow a... more »
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Survey Development

Set validation on all questions at once with one click!

It would save me a lot of time if there were an option whereby I could require answers to all questions with a single click. Also, I would like to be able to remove validation on all questions with a single click. It's very time consuming to have to go through a long questionnaire adding or deleting this requirement.

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Survey Development

Separate "question required" from validation settings.

Currently a question is set to required by checking "Enable Validation (require response)". But use of field validation, such as sums totaling to 100, requires that the same "Enable Validation" option be selected. However you might want a question to, e.g., total to 100 when it is answered but not require that it be answered.

The "question required" option should be separate from and independent of the validation... more »
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Survey Development

Limitations about Flex Matrix Questions, Back Button Otion

1. Should be able to make Advance Matrixes – Flex Matrixes questions and all the other type of questions mandatory. Again this option should be available to make only the question mandatory (like you have currently under multiple choice questions – even one tix box enough to validate) and an option to make selected rows &/or columns mandatory.

2. Users should be able to change the question codes especially in Flex Matrix... more »
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Survey Development

Search box for big drop-down lists

I suggest to add a solution to choose an element into a big list typing some parts of the name. Ex. a list of 500 peole, write some letters (3-4) into an open ended text box and systems prompts a list of the result of the search. Something with ajax could be ok.

And also the list could be populated by csv or excel upload.


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Survey Development

Matrix optimization / Device Data

Two suggestions:

1. Need to find a way to optimize matrix questions for survey respondents who use smartphones to respond to surveys instead of desktops. Also would be nice if the display width can be adjusted in 5% increments rather than 10%.

2. Would also be nice if device data (smartphone/tablet/desktop) could be captured as an automatic field. It's available in reporting, but not available to be part of the... more »