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Feedback tab / Exit Survey options

Please bring back the feedback tab and exit survey functionality under the web options. These features were the main reason I moved over to QuestionPro as a Corporate customer and now they no longer work! i.e. the ability to select feedback tab option, colour-code the feedack tab and select left/right hand side of the page for the tab; the ability to select exit survey option and select the delay before it appears etc. ...more »

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Reporting Tools

Base multi-select calculation on who answered THAT question.

Right now the calculation is based on how many options selected, not how many PEOPLE selected an option. This artificially skews percentages down if there is a large option list. We can change the calculation to be based off of how many started/completed the survey but that isn't accurate either. Base the calculation on how many people answered that particular question as the default.

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Survey Development


i was just wondering if there was a way to specify where the tip should show up... top of question or bottom of question... For now, they all show up at the top. BUT for tip on selecting "other" showing at the bottom would be the best placement for this TIP.. and therefore a placement option would be a welcoming enhancement


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