Survey Development

Restart survey

In surveys with logic in it where you can't go back in the survey to correct wrong answers I'd like to see an option that will allow respondents to click a button that will delete their responses so far and restart the survey anew. Currently if you allow only one response per IP address, email address etc. if they back out due to an error it records the response as incomplete but won't allow them to retake it because... more »


Reporting Tools

Cross tabs in the real time summary by question responses

In the Real Time Summary, we can filter by question response on the first filter, but cannot filter by question response in the second or later filters. We can run cross tabs and get towards the answers, but often we just want to browse all answers by the two chosen question responses, and so doing so in the Real Time Summary screen would be very helpful. Could you please allow this to happen, in the next updates!... more »


Survey Delivery

Lock survey after completion

After finishing the survey and before sending to respondents it is better to lock the survey so no one can edit the survey and change it. it is a safety feature that i saw other supplier do.

the survey can be copied if the user want to edit. The main objective here is prevent tampering with the survey once it is published


UK / International Date Format

Please can we have the option to set the format we want any date entries to appear in. At present only the US mm/dd/yy format is available in questionnaire and in the report view area and this is really confusing for UK based users. It is such a simple thing that will make a big difference and as a multinational company I think it is something you should be providing already.



Problem since July 2nd

Hi -- There is an ongoing problem with the system since July 2nd (that's a long time!). When someone goes to enter data on a poll (in our case), the first question is answered then a summary occurs thanking the respondent for participating. There is no option to complete subsequent questions. This is a major issue! Please let me know why the bug hasn't been fixed yet. We have a non-profit license and my feeling is... more »

Survey Development


I would really like to be able to customize the surveys much more than is currently available. The spacing and sizing of banners cannot be adjusted as you would with other programs to make the look and feel of the survey. Creating the questions is easy and I would use this system much more if we could customise the rest of it to the kind of layout we want. This includes having questions side by side and not such huge... more »


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