Survey Development

MailChimp integration

It will be great if you can offer mailchimp integration for all your paid plans. I understand its only available currently under Corporate plan but all your major competitors eg SurveyMonkey, SurveyMethods, SurveyGizmo are offering free mailchimp integrations for all their paid and free plans. Its really a pity if you are not following the industry trend as mailchimp is one of the leading email providers used by many... more »


Survey Development

N/A or None option on Multiple-Choice questions

On mulitple-choice questions there is an additional option for "other" with a text box, but no additional option for N/A or "none". This creates an issue where in order to keep the order we need for answer options where there is both "Other (specify)" and "None". Example: Who did you travel with? - Family member(s) - Friend(s) - Other (please specify) - No one -- I traveled alone Our only solution to keep the answers... more »


Reporting Tools

Average completion time by device

Hi, Given the different screen sizes used on PCs, tablets or smart phones, and Question Pro's capacity to change the screen look/question style to match the type of device used, it would be very useful if we could determine the average time taken for each type of device, as well as overall for all devices. Could this be done so that when we filter to device type at the Real Time Summary stage, we can get an average... more »


Survey Development

Scheduling Survey


It would be great if you have option for scheduling the survey, (Pre and Post Survey)

For example, today is the launching of the first survey, then after 3months the survey will be launch again. (scheduled)

And also with the reports, there is a comparison report.

The same questionnaire, pre and post report.



Bug: Survey data is lost if survey edited while active

Currently if you edit a survey while it is active it's possible to lose responses that have been completed - this just happened to me on a survey. This is a very serious bug that needs to be fixed as losing response data is unacceptable. Other survey platforms allow at least minor editing of questions while a survey is live without incident. I'm not talking about rearranging questions or anything like that, just editing... more »


Survey Development

Allow editing of authentication screen

Enable editing of the Authentication screen. At minimum, it would be great if text could be entered on the screen to be able to provide an introduction or instructions on how to login. The ability to format this page with the logo and other features of your survey would also be beneficial. The screen as-is does not look professional and appears suspicious when respondents click on a survey link and first land at this... more »


Survey Delivery

Adding images to emails

Hi, We include logos, signatures and images of the incentives in emails sent via Question Pro to propsective respodents. Currently, we have to swap between the Send survey and the Edit survey tabs to get to the Survey Options - Images/multimedia link so we can copy the image's HTML code into the emails. Can we have the Survey Options - Iages/multimedia link also added to the Send survey tab, please. This will allow... more »


Survey Development

Feature to view the full survey as entered in other languages

I've been setting up a survey with two other languages besides English. Started with the survey in English, attached question text and answer text in other language versions as needed. Great concept in general. However, it is already a complicated enough process working in a language that you are not familiar. So perhaps like me the process goes something like: Translator does their bit, pass you the translation, you... more »



New Ideas section in Profile section does not show correct number

My "New Ideas" section shows New Ideas (0). But when I click on it I see two ideas...one I voted for and one I have not...


How should this be working? I would expect it to not show many any ideas I already voted for...


On the bright side, this is a cool new section on the left hand side! :-) Nice enhancement.