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Live Report should include the option to export data

Colleagues in other offices with access to the web based Live Report need to see all answers. Unfortunately, the Live Report does not display all data if the questionnaire includes Matrix Table / Spreadsheet questions. I can't be exporting reports each time they need to see all raw data. Please include the configuration option to allow users of the Live Report to export available reports.

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Zoom able Map

My surveys are normally done for the MENA/ GCC area and mostly confined to a couple of countries with this region. As such I cannot see the country highlighted nor can I zoom into the map to see the response across this MENA/ GCC region.


So the options could be:


1.Have MENA/ GCC map like US or Europe, why not all major regions like Asia, Africa, S America, etc


2. Make the map zoom able like google map.



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Trend report in email or HTML

At the moment it is only possible to generate a trend report in Excel format. It would be really nice to be able to generate trend report in HTML for web or email viewing. For surveys that are open on an ongoing basis it would be really useful to see changes over time - for example every month over a window of the most recent year, or every week over most recent quarter, etc.

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More Embedding Flexibility - with Filters Please!

I use QuestionPro for a marketing promotion whereby users 'vote' for their favorite high school football team and at the end of the season the team with the most votes wins a prize. It has two purposes: one is to collect voter information and the other is to drive traffic to our website. Thus we are using embedding instead of the standalone survey.

The survey is embedded on one page of my website ( more »

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Reporting Graphics

I've been really impressed by some of the graphics (i.e., the infographics and the net promoter graphics, some of the 3-d pie charts). Other graphics could use the same level of branding. When I download the .ppt version of the report, the bar charts pale in comparison to some of the online reporting graphics. I'd like to see all the exportable and printable charts at the same level of quality and professionalism as... more »

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Filter / Logic Based on Data / Reference Questions

Allow filtering and logic based on the answers to data/reference question types such as zip code or dynamic lookup questions. This would be very helpful in analyzing results based on geographic locations (state, county) and such. It would also be helpful in tailoring branched surveys based on the same criteria... different questions for different states/counties.

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Filter by Date

It would be very beneficial to be able to filter data by a survey question containing a date. For Example: We are using the survey to calculate when a transfer occurred (date), what the transfer was for and where the patient was transferred to. I currently cannot pull a report to give me specific data on the transfers for the month of February. The survey allows date questions; however, the data has to be pulled... more »

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Importance - satisfaction question reporting

m trying to report on data from the Importance/Satisfaction questions -- and it's making me NUTS.

OK -- there just HAS to be a better way to do this -- I mean why would you design a question like the importance/satisfaction question (NICE) and then not have an easy way to export that data -- NOT NICE.

When I export the data -- I get something that looks like THIS --

Where you see the... more »