Survey Development

MailChimp integration

It will be great if you can offer mailchimp integration for all your paid plans. I understand its only available currently under Corporate plan but all your major competitors eg SurveyMonkey, SurveyMethods, SurveyGizmo are offering free mailchimp integrations for all their paid and free plans. Its really a pity if you are not following the industry trend as mailchimp is one of the leading email providers used by many... more »

Survey Development

Restart survey

In surveys with logic in it where you can't go back in the survey to correct wrong answers I'd like to see an option that will allow respondents to click a button that will delete their responses so far and restart the survey anew. Currently if you allow only one response per IP address, email address etc. if they back out due to an error it records the response as incomplete but won't allow them to retake it because... more »

Survey Development

N/A or None option on Multiple-Choice questions

On mulitple-choice questions there is an additional option for "other" with a text box, but no additional option for N/A or "none". This creates an issue where in order to keep the order we need for answer options where there is both "Other (specify)" and "None".

Who did you travel with?
- Family member(s)
- Friend(s)
- Other (please specify)
- No one -- I traveled alone

Our only solution to keep the answers... more »