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Survey Development

Custom Inactive Message Suggestion

You can currently adjust the inactive message, but it unfortunately always automatically appends the last survey close date to the bottom. It would be good if you could have the option not to include this - right now I am working on a survey that has yet to open (open link) so I am keeping it inactive in the meantime. It is confusing to have a message that says the survey has yet to open with a close date in the past... more »
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Survey Development

Scheduling Survey


It would be great if you have option for scheduling the survey, (Pre and Post Survey)

For example, today is the launching of the first survey, then after 3months the survey will be launch again. (scheduled)

And also with the reports, there is a comparison report.

The same questionnaire, pre and post report.

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Survey Development

Limitations about Flex Matrix Questions, Back Button Otion

1. Should be able to make Advance Matrixes – Flex Matrixes questions and all the other type of questions mandatory. Again this option should be available to make only the question mandatory (like you have currently under multiple choice questions – even one tix box enough to validate) and an option to make selected rows &/or columns mandatory.

2. Users should be able to change the question codes especially in Flex Matrix... more »
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Survey Development

Two-scale side-by-side matrix

I'd like to ask my users a two part question. To categorize each row, and then rank their familiarity with it. However, as is, the side-by-side matrix needs the same scale on both sides.
I've attached an example.

Such as:

___Categorize Each | Describe familiarity
________ A B C D | Low Med High
Product I...o o o o | o ... o ... o
Product II...o o o o |... more »
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Survey Development

Compound Quotas

It should be possible to set compound quotas to manage, for example, the gender breakdown within a specific region, or the proportion of respondents who are X, Y AND Z. At the moment you can only set quotas on single responses to single questions, and the quotas we want to set are usually more complicated than that. Thanks!

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Survey Development

Piping from Multiple Text Fields at once

Imagine this scenario.

In a question we ask 'What were the last restaurants you visited"
Where we ask them, in a single line text question with 5 text fields to insert those places.

Now, imagine we'd want to ask about those five restaurants individually? We would want to pipe in what they wrote in those questions into the new questions. That is where things get tricky. Currently (Without custom scripting) you can... more »
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Survey Development

Dynamic Lookup Table - Reference External File

Currently if I try to load a large amount of data into a Dynamic Lookup table, it:
A) Crashes whenever a user tries to use it
B) Takes forever to edit

A good example is a survey we did a few months ago on schools. We had a list of 150 schools in a dynamic lookup table, to ensure accurate names and response, but whenever someone went to the question, the page crashed.

What I request is the ability to load a list from... more »
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Survey Development

Multiple Other Fields in Questions

More then once we wanted to collect more then one other in a multiple choice question.

For example, in a recent survey on shopping, we has a list of different store categories, and needed to collect the following Other fields informational use.

[ ] ~
[ ] Other Drug Store
[ ] ~
[ ] Other Grocery Store

[ ] ~
[ ] Other Mass Merchandiser

[ ] ~
[ ] Other Club Store... more »
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Survey Development

Matrix optimization / Device Data

Two suggestions:

1. Need to find a way to optimize matrix questions for survey respondents who use smartphones to respond to surveys instead of desktops. Also would be nice if the display width can be adjusted in 5% increments rather than 10%.

2. Would also be nice if device data (smartphone/tablet/desktop) could be captured as an automatic field. It's available in reporting, but not available to be part of the... more »