Survey Delivery

Website, Email and Popup delivery models. Do you have other ideas and suggestions on how we can expand upon this?

Survey Delivery

Choose language of survey & invitation based on custom variable

It would be nice if we had te possibility to (automaticaly) upload and process email-lists containing custom variables, where the language of the invitation and survey is stored in one of the custom variables. That way only the upload of the file triggers the entire proces. So: Iif language = NL then use email template X, if language = EN then use email template Y And if language = NL then use survey language NL, if... more »

Survey Delivery

Feedback tab / Exit Survey options

Please bring back the feedback tab and exit survey functionality under the web options. These features were the main reason I moved over to QuestionPro as a Corporate customer and now they no longer work! i.e. the ability to select feedback tab option, colour-code the feedack tab and select left/right hand side of the page for the tab; the ability to select exit survey option and select the delay before it appears etc.... more »


Survey Delivery

Email LIst Upload

I would like to be able to upload a Csv file with 5000+ rows that doesn't cause a Gateway Error 404 System timed out error. There should be an easier way to upload large email list files for clients who may be sending surveys out to as many as 100000+ people.


Survey Delivery

Lock survey after completion

After finishing the survey and before sending to respondents it is better to lock the survey so no one can edit the survey and change it. it is a safety feature that i saw other supplier do.

the survey can be copied if the user want to edit. The main objective here is prevent tampering with the survey once it is published


Survey Delivery

We need more than 60' for our Clients to take a survey!

We are a Sales performance development company for SMEs and are regularly using yr system for sending sales skills tests based on case studies to the sales team members of our clients. The problem with these tests, is that salesmen sometimes need more than 60' to go through such a case study test and think about the cases, the answers and then type them. Yr solution is to use the "save and come back later" and then... more »

Survey Delivery

Schedule for Specific Times to send

I would like to have the ability to schedule the survey to be sent at specific time, right now it defaults do Pacific Time, which sends my surveys at 2:00am Eastern. But, what I would like it to do is schedule them to go (including reminders) at 10am every Tuesday. This seems to return the best results for what I am looking for.


Survey Delivery

Send both HTML+Text Only Emails At Same Time

I've ran our emails through SPAM checkers, and found out that HTML only emails sometimes end up in SPAM. So, I did a little bit of research and found out that there is a process called Multi-part MIME. What it apparently allows is for a HTML message and a Text only message to be embedded in the same email, and if a client doesn't render HTML, it will render the text only version. What this would involve is that, much... more »


Survey Delivery

One long, single page survey for mobile devices

I propose that the ability to have an off-line survey appear as one long, single page survey, rather than having to change the page after every question. It is possible on the computer-based survey, so it should be an option for mobile devices as well. It will assist those collecting paper surveys and using a tablet to enter the surveys in electronically at a later time.