Reporting Tools

Filter / Logic Based on Data / Reference Questions

Allow filtering and logic based on the answers to data/reference question types such as zip code or dynamic lookup questions. This would be very helpful in analyzing results based on geographic locations (state, county) and such. It would also be helpful in tailoring branched surveys based on the same criteria... different questions for different states/counties.


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Survey Development

Star Ratings for 10-point Scales

The new star rating question option is very cool. I primarily use 10-point scales for my rating questions, so I would love to see a 10-star option in the star rating question. It would also be great to be able to add wording above the end points and mid-point in the scale (ex. Not at all likely, Somewhat likely and extremely likely). Currently for my rating questions, we have created our own table via coding to accommodate ...more »


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Survey Delivery

Make participant login prompt an editable field

I suggest you make the prompt for participant code an editable field. Currently, it is hard-coded as "Unique Key:". It would be more meaningful for my participants if the prompt was something like "Please enter your 4-character username." In future surveys, I might want a different prompt, depending on my target audience. (For reference, see http://www.questionpro.com/help/14.html)


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