Campaign: Survey Delivery

Excel file



I dont understand why the data file at the end of a survey should consist of multiple files of 5000 responses. Imagine the time & effort required to combine several such files?

Submitted by (@josonjose)


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Campaign: Reporting Tools

Add Delivery method to Scheduled Reports

The only delivery method available for Scheduled Reports is to send it to a single email address. We should also have the ability to send reports to a distribution list.

Submitted by (@theatreperson630)


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Campaign: Survey Delivery

Please add CC field in email delivery

Please consider adding a CC field in the email delivery section which can be picked up via custom variables.

Submitted by (@kd0000)


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Campaign: Survey Delivery

IP Blocking

Have the ability, per survey, to block specific IP Addresses. This is a useful feature for preventing employees stuffing the ballet...when it is intended for customers only. It would be even better if the software allow the entry, but didn't include it in the report. This way employees can become familiar with the survey...without influencing the results.

Submitted by (@edwarddron)


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