Campaign: Survey Development

Customize Validation error message for required questions

When a question is required, and the respondent does not answer, the eror message is :"There are 1 validation error(s)". I want to customize this to read "You have not answered question X. Please answer to continue"

Submitted by (@ltruong)


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Campaign: Bugs/Issues

Bug: Survey data is lost if survey edited while active

Currently if you edit a survey while it is active it's possible to lose responses that have been completed - this just happened to me on a survey. This is a very serious bug that needs to be fixed as losing response data is unacceptable. Other survey platforms allow at least minor editing of questions while a survey is live without incident. I'm not talking about rearranging questions or anything like that, just editing ...more »

Submitted by (@lise00)


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Campaign: Survey Delivery

Adding images to emails

Hi, We include logos, signatures and images of the incentives in emails sent via Question Pro to propsective respodents. Currently, we have to swap between the Send survey and the Edit survey tabs to get to the Survey Options - Images/multimedia link so we can copy the image's HTML code into the emails. Can we have the Survey Options - Iages/multimedia link also added to the Send survey tab, please. This will allow ...more »

Submitted by (@philip.derham)


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Campaign: Survey Development

Validation texts

Someone has already noted the need to have translations of the validation tezts. I do not like the messages that appears and want to change it. Apparently, at least for advanced question types, this is not possible.

Submitted by (@jvanness)


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