Survey Development

Option group for Multiple Choice drop-down questions

Feature request:


A standard HTML feature that allows the grouping of drop down menu options through the OPTGROUP tag.


for further reference:

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Reporting Tools

Muti-select percentages

Right now when I export the data I get frequencies and percentages. But the percentages are percentage of /responses/ instead of percentage of /respondents/. I don't see how this is useful. On multi-select questions totals can add up to more than 100%. If 25% of respondents selected an option I want to know that. I don't care if it's 3% of the total mentions. A response should not seem to be less popular simply because ...more »

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Survey Development

Multiple input types in matrix question

We are trying to set up a complex question type, similar to a side-by-side matrix. But rather than radio buttons in the matrix, we need to provide different input types. Some columns are text boxes, others are checkboxes. Question looks something like this: What types of spaces does your department need? QTY SqFt Dedicated Y/N Client Area ____ ____ [checkbox] AV Room ...more »

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Survey Development

Extracting single multiple select type question to multiple matrix questions.

Can we have a help file explaining this to people.. they just set up extraction logic multiple times on the same question ( the multiple select type question ) and that never works for instance..

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