Campaign: Survey Development

Print Survey including Logic for Review

I need to be able to print/export a survey in either Word or PDF that it shows logic in addition to simply just my questions. My teams need to review surveys before deployment and this does not currently exist in this system. EVERY other survey competitor does this standard business practice.

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Campaign: Survey Delivery

Make the printed survey more readable

I use QuestionPro to collect performance data from respondents. In some cases submission is mandatory and after the respondent completes the survey he has to print it and send us signed. My problem is that the printed survey is hardly readable, it is very pale because of its letter color (grey) and the letter size is too small. I would be very grateful if you could make it readable.

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Campaign: Survey Development

Better way to print a survey draft where it shows all the logic for proofing..

Under “Global Options” you see some logic (i.e. terminates) but it didn’t show randomization, which items are mutually exclusive, etc. Because we double proof every survey before they launch we have to be able to print drafts that include all logic.

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Campaign: Survey Development

"Print Page" Option at thank you page

I twould be nice to have a "Print Page" option at the close of the survey, for record keeping purposes.

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