Question Pro not friendly to HTML illiterate

A What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get editor / Rich Text Editor for survey design, (an editor that you see the text formatted without seeing the code that formats it, and can edit and delete it in this mode). When I asked on the sales call about this, I got a yes that you had one. Unfortunately...you don't, which WILL make my boss angry once she finds out, given that we already payed the corporate annual fee. Being able to paste ...more »


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Survey Development

No Red Star Option

In many programs I have used, the red star associated with required questions is repeatedly criticized by pre-testers as an unattractive way to represent such questions. Personally, I think it is appropriate in some cases, such as collecting form information like addresses and zipcodes. But for more involved questionnaires others have told me that it is a distraction. It would be useful to have a global option where ...more »


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